Office Fever 7.1.0 MOD Lots of Money APK
Office Fever MOD APK 7.1.0

Office Fever 7.1.0 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Office Fever
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Rollic Games
Size 84MB
Latest Version 7.1.0
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Office Fever is an office management simulator with a simple design and addictive idle gameplay mechanics. Join the game, you will work as a manager but also as an employee. Your job is to coordinate work for departments and personnel to earn money and become a rich tycoon. Make an effort to earn more by handling papers. With the money you earn, you can freely unlock new parts and upgrade papers. Besides, don’t forget to upgrade your employees to work hard and be productive instead of sleeping or slacking off. Just click on the screen to do all this, but you will enjoy increasingly better profits.

Download Office Fever MOD APK – Manage your office company your way

An idle and simple game like Office Fever has attracted millions of players, why? Because it has everything you need to relax on your phone. It is built with idle tycoon management gameplay mechanics, allowing you to play games with on-screen clicks. Besides, there are no limits here. You can upgrade and expand endlessly until you are satisfied with your office empire. Moreover, with a simple and fun visual design, this game is suitable for the interests of the majority of players. And finally, you can explore this emulator on your phone without paying any fee. So feel free to enjoy your office management experience.


Allocate work and earn profit

Compared to many other simulation games, this game is even simpler than many times. You will work like a boss but will be able to manage, run and allocate work yourself. Your job is to go to the printers to collect the papers, then bring them to the desks to be processed by dedicated staff. Revenue will automatically accrue to your company account, allowing you to do more according to your strategy. Just like that, you just walk around the office and distribute papers to employees. But at the same time, you also need to manage the people and departments to ensure that they are always working hard and efficiently.

Your company will also include various departments such as IT, Human Resources, R&D, Warehouse Management, and more. In each department, you need to recruit specialized staff. Besides, you need to unlock the necessary office equipment such as desks, chairs, computers… to serve the work. As a result, employees can process documents quickly, thereby bringing profits to the company. With the money earned, learn how to allocate them to many areas, such as upgrading papers, printers, employees, facilities, or unlocking new parts. Do everything to turn a small office into an office empire.


Unlimited upgrades and expansions

To make more money in Office Fever, you can’t just move around in a small office. Look for ways to upgrade and renovate it, thereby boosting productivity and speed of work. You can upgrade printers to speed up paperwork and improve employee speed so they stay focused on processing, shipping, transactions, and more. Besides, you need to buy new equipment to replace the old and slow ones. Do not forget to buy game machines to help employees relax, thereby improving their working morale.

In addition, the game allows you to expand unlimitedly. In the office area, you can build new departments, new workstations and hire more employees. But to do that, you need to spend a certain amount. The best way to stay profitable is to focus on the stations and departments at hand to make a lot of money. When you have a lot of balance in your account, it is no longer a problem to expand and upgrade new parts. Besides, you also need to upgrade your own movement speed. Your job is to distribute paperwork to employees, so don’t keep them waiting too long.


Simple and colorful design

This game is designed extremely simple on 3D graphics. Images in the game are mainly basic blocks colored in different colors and visually displayed from a top-down perspective. However, such simple images are quite lovely and fun, creating a feeling of relaxation for gamers. Besides, the game context is quite cool, the music is light and joyful. Therefore, your experience here is actually quite enjoyable and addictive.

It’s time to show off your business management skills in Office Fever. You will turn a small office company into an empire with huge profit potential. Just click and swipe on the screen to do it. Yes, you are an idle and smart office tycoon. Get ready to allocate work to employees and upgrade everything to earn more.

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