Odysseus Kosmos 1.0.33 MOD Lots of Money APK
Odysseus Kosmos: Point & Click MOD APK 1.0.33

Odysseus Kosmos 1.0.33 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (20 hours ago)
Name Odysseus Kosmos: Point & Click
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher HeroCraft Ltd.
Size 67MB
Latest Version 1.0.33
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Adventure
Price FREE

Based on a story with a science fiction theme. You will be engaged in the exciting adventure. Through the quests of the game Odysseus Kosmos. This is an adventure game that combines puzzle elements. The content is unfolded according to an interesting plot. You will play the role of ship engineer Odysseus Kosmos. Accompanying is his robot friend Barton Quest. They will have to solve challenging puzzles. Then find ways to get out of danger. Get your ship out of the dangerous black space. Go through in-game quests. You will enjoy Retro-style 3D Pixel graphics. Along with funny, interesting puzzles. But at the same time is the danger if the choice is wrong. It is not possible to give the correct answer to overcome the challenge.

Introduce about Odysseus Kosmos – Solve Puzzles to Escape from Outer Space!

The context of Odysseus Kosmos opens out into a large space. Ship engineer Odysseus Kosmos and robot Barton Quest operate a spaceship. But unfortunately, they were stuck in space, near the giant black hole. After sending a distress signal to his friends. But due to environmental conditions and very long distances. Your teammates are still trying to find the way back. Waiting for years but still can’t get out of the black hole. You are used to being alone and making close friends with the robot. However, due to the influence of radioactive material emitted from the black hole. Your ship has encountered dangerous problems. Cut off contact with other ships. Make it a high risk that you will not be able to return to the space station. Even will be abandoned forever in space.Odysseus Kosmos

Mission according to 5 episodes

Based on the plot of the game Odysseus Kosmos. To help all players have an engaging experience when participating. Publisher HeroCraft has built an episode-by-episode mission system. With 5 different episodes waiting for you to find out. Each episode unfolds a series of interesting stories. Revolving around the activities that take place on the ship between the two characters of the game. As well as puzzles are given. It takes your choice to complete the mission. By deciding correctly to give the correct answer to each puzzle. Complete each challenge in turn to end an episode. You can then continue the adventure to step into the new episode. Explore brain-damaging, complex puzzles. Give the correct answer to overcome the challenges of the game.Ear Odysseus Kosmos

Gameplay, seek to collect

The gameplay of Odysseus Kosmos is very interesting. The puzzles in each episode are presented in stages. Along with humorous stories expressed through dialogues. Conversation between the engineer and his robot. Throughout the process of performing the task is taking place. The chats will help you get a deeper understanding of the game’s content. Along with that, will have to search and collect objects. Through it to complete the required condition in each puzzle. After completing the mission to start the new adventure. The context will be changed, there is a chance to learn new stories. Along with that is the complexity of the puzzle, making it difficult for you. But that will increase the experience to feel more interesting.Game Odysseus Kosmos

Retro pixel graphics and sounds

When participating in Odysseus Kosmos you will feel different from other adventure games. Thanks to the uniquely designed graphics system. Bringing a unique style for every player to change the experience. Here, the game uses impressive Pixel Retro graphics. With the combination of small Pixel blocks to create the environment. As well as the background and shaping of the characters. Everything gives a classic look. But completely new for those who love adventure games. Along with that, the sound effects are simple. Gentle music melodies, with impressively simulated bass and treble notes. Make you feel more interesting, not bored after a long time.Introduce about Odysseus Kosmos

Start the adventure in the first episode of Odysseus Kosmos. The scene unfolds in a room of a spaceship. Character Odysseus Kosmos wakes up after being alarmed. Now, he will have to search for different items. They are placed in hidden locations, which are difficult to detect. Use your puzzle skills to find the answer. Collect items to accumulate enough. From there can complete the quest to continue the adventure in the new episode. Over time, you will gradually discover all the episodes of the game.

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