Ninja Arashi 1.8 MOD Unlimited Gold, Diamonds APK
Ninja Arashi MOD APK 1.8

Ninja Arashi 1.8 MOD Unlimited Gold, Diamonds APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Ninja Arashi
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Black Panther
Size 70MB
Latest Version 1.8
MOD Unlimited Gold, Diamonds
Category Action
Price FREE

Based on the story of the game Ninja Arashi carries out the mission. Play as the assassin Arashi to join the adventure. Through the RPG Platformer-style scene-scrolling gameplay. Your mission is to fight dangerous enemies and travel through deadly lands. The goal is to rescue the son who is being held by the dark forces of darkness and defeat the leader, Orochi. Here the game is set in a dark space. Along with that is the challenge of the terrain and obstacles. This will make you encounter a lot of difficulties during the task. But to be able to fulfill its mission will have no choice but to keep moving forward. From there conquer all challenges to rescue his son.

Download Ninja Arashi MOD APK – Overcome Shadow Enemies in Adventure

The game’s graphics are designed in the style of shadow art. Accordingly, the movement of the character will be recreated in the form of a black shadow. As with enemies facing off, obstacles and landscapes are simulated in a dark space. Along with that is a combination of contexts that open up different worlds. Bringing you a novel adventure. But reproduced with high-quality images, with sharpness. In addition, there is a live sound system. The soundtrack is played throughout the adventure. Combined with the character’s sound, expressed through each action when fighting or moving. The sound will be flexibly changed to suit each scene.Ninja Arashi

Pass 45 levels of play

Follow the story of the game to carry out the mission to rescue the son. Accompany the assassin Arashi in an adventure that unfolds with 45 levels of play. Each level opens up a long challenging journey. According to the obstacle course gameplay, you need to conquer all difficulties. Dodge the traps and obstacles along the moving route. Simultaneously fight Orochi’s minions to pave the way forward. The target moves to the wooden gate at the end of the path to complete the mission. From there will get closer to the position of the son being arrested.Game Ninja Arashi

Collect items

The process of adventure in the game Ninja Arashi. There will be a chance to collect 3 different types of items. Includes gold coins, diamonds, and quest paper. Each type of item will appear in many different locations on the way. They even hide in secret areas. It takes keen observation to detect the difference between that area and the surrounding terrain. Then need to use weapons to attack, and destroy the protection layer to be able to collect. Helps you accumulate a large number of items to use in many different activities. For example, trade, unlock, and upgrade equipment.Ear Ninja Arashi

The challenge is growing

Continue the journey after completing the mission to get to the new level. The challenge will increase making it difficult for you to move. The distance from the starting point to the wooden gate at the end point will be longer than before. With the appearance of more dangerous traps and deadly obstacles. At the same time, the number of enemies to face will increase. Not stopping there, the moving terrain is also more complicated than before. Putting you in danger in the adventure, even at the expense of your life.

Hero skills

Hero Arashi can perform various actions during the adventure. Accordingly will move forward and jump up to overcome the terrain. Use a long sword to attack enemies, dealing physical damage. It also can attack from a distance, through the launch of an unlimited number of darts. Moreover, it is also possible to use the skill to quickly glide over a distance. Not stopping there, the hero also possesses special skills to hide. Turn yourself into a log for a short time. From there, out of sight and undetected when near the enemy.Download Ninja Arashi

To be able to overcome the obstacles that are getting bigger and bigger when reaching the new level of Ninja Arashi. It is necessary to upgrade the strength of the hero Arashi. Through the use of money earned to improve combat skills. From there, increase the damage greater or increase the stealth time. Moreover, the accumulated money can be used to unlock equipment. Buy new outfits to change your hero’s appearance. Examples include thinker, assassin, and gold costumes.

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