Neo Monsters 2.46.2 MOD Menu VIP, Unlimited gems, training points, one hit kill, free shopping APK
Neo Monsters MOD APK 2.46.2

Neo Monsters 2.46.2 MOD Menu VIP, Unlimited gems, training points, one hit kill, free shopping APK

By Hai Nam April 9, 2024 (5 days ago)
Name Neo Monsters
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher ZigZaGame Inc.
Size 100MB
Latest Version 2.46.2
MOD Menu, Unlimited gems, training points, one hit kill, free shopping
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Neo Monsters is one of the best animal training games inspired by legendary Pokemon. It takes you on a new adventure in an ancient fantasy kingdom where thousands of mighty beasts lie hidden. Your mission is to collect monsters and train them into powerful warriors. You will use them to conquer the ultimate battles with many other trainers in many modes. Highly tactical battles that will engage you for hours. The monster system with diverse skills and unlimited upgradeability will be the inspiration of every animal trainer. Get ready to join the latest beast-hunting adventure here.

Download Neo Monsters MOD APK – Hunt and train ancient beasts

Unlike Pokemon, Neo Monsters is set in a classic fantasy setting in the kingdom of Verosia. This used to be the site of many fierce wars between humans and giants. But then, thanks to the power of powerful beasts, humans defeated the enemy and established a flourishing kingdom. Among the inherited beast trainers, Hector Finnegan was the most skilled. He is summoned to the palace and accidentally gets caught up in unexpected events. From then on, you will accompany him in the craziest beast battles. At the same time, use your strategy and power to solve all the mysteries in this ancient kingdom. Are you ready to accept the challenge?


Join the monster wars

The Neo Monsters has two main modes including PvE and PvP. If you play in the early mode, you will follow Hector Finnegan on his adventure with hundreds of challenging missions. You will have the opportunity to meet many characters in the plot and uncover unexpected mysteries in your journey. Meanwhile, if you play in PvP mode, you will enter the online arena with many other players. There you will have the chance to test your strategy in epic turn-based 4×4 battles. In addition, there are 6 tournaments with more than 60 hours of adventure for you to discover and conquer the championship. And the prizes for the tournaments are extremely attractive, including prize money, titles, and rankings.

To go to war, you need to collect and build a strong squad of monsters. There are more than 1000 monsters integrated into the game’s world. Each type has its own characteristics and can be combined with other monsters to create a powerful strategic formation. Your job is to find the perfect combination to gain the advantage in every monster fight. During the battle, you take control of the entire battlefield by choosing targets, monsters, and skill cards. Do well in your turn with the right strategic calculations. With the victory, you will help the beast warriors upgrade their experience to become stronger. Moreover, you will add new warriors to the squad.


Upgrade your monster lineup

The challenges for you in Neo Monsters will become increasingly difficult as your opponents get stronger and stronger. That’s why you need to upgrade your monster squad to keep the edge in battle. Each monster has 4 important stats that need to be improved including Attack, Defense, HP, and Agility. You also need to collect evolution ingredients and new skills to improve power abilities. What’s more, you’ll always need new monsters to flex your fighting style over time. Don’t miss any chance to upgrade your monster squad.

In addition, this game allows you to breed monsters with each other. There are dozens of monsters that carry the power of elements such as water, fire, wind, earth, and more. By combining monster types together, you will create new monsters with combined powers. Thanks to that, you will own new warriors with a diverse set of skills. Besides monsters, you can also unlock and meet new trainers. They appear randomly on the map and will challenge you to battles. They also have interesting stories to discover.


Classic pixel design 2D

This game combines classic pixel and 2D graphic styles. Thereby, it highlights the beauty of unique trainers and monsters. The monster system is extremely diverse with new looks and skill sets. The world context is rich and vast, including many different locations. The battles take place with great heat thanks to vivid effects and sounds. Thanks to that, the adventure role-playing experience here will appeal to all your senses.

MOD APK Feature of Neo Monsters

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited training
  • Unlimited points
  • one hit kill
  • free shopping

So, if you are looking for a game close to Pokemon, Neo Monsters is the best choice. Don’t miss it to join the beast-hunting adventure of top trainers. The ultimate monster wars are always waiting for you to join and compete with online multiplayer. Work hard to level up your monster squad and climb the global leaderboard.

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