Introduce about Naxtbot Blackroom Chasing Time APK 1.0.11 For Android
Naxtbot Blackroom Chasing Time MOD APK 1.0.11

Introduce about Naxtbot Blackroom Chasing Time APK 1.0.11 For Android

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name Naxtbot Blackroom Chasing Time
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Boss Level Studio
Size 64MB
Latest Version 1.0.11
Category Action
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Price FREE

Naxtbot Blackroom Chasing Time is an action horror game that was just released not long ago. This game will give you an interesting role-playing experience when playing the hunter or the hunted. It has two game modes, allowing you to experiment with both of these roles. Each role has its own duties and challenges. Which role do you prefer? You will be hunted if you play as a player, and can hunt others if you play a monster. Choose your favorite role and try to beat the others. Don’t worry too much about how to play, you just need to master a few basic operations.

Naxtbot Blackroom Chasing Time – Horror action role-playing gameplay!

This game is built with gameplay inspired by folk hide and seek. From there, it brings exciting chases with horror elements. At each level, you will have the opportunity to meet typical characters from the series and horror movies. They will become your obsession or allow you to role-play and haunt others. In particular, you will experience this game from the intuitive first-person perspective. This perspective gives you a more realistic feeling than ever. Make sure you are brave enough to overcome the scary images here.


Choose your role

Before starting the level, you will choose your role. There are two main roles, Player and Monster. Each role has its own specific tasks and challenges:

Player: Your mission is to run and hide to escape the monsters. You will lose if the monster is caught and eaten. There are many other players who also share the same fate as you. You can cooperate with them to survive as long as possible.

Monster: You take the initiative in your hand when playing this role. Your task is to hunt players and eat them. However, you also need to be wary of players because they can defeat you with weapons. Show the true power of monsters and become the fear of others.

Whatever your role, you need skill and smart strategy. Not that monsters will have an advantage over players, and vice versa. Instead, anyone has their own advantage and can become a winner in the Naxtbot Blackroom Chasing Time. With the victory, you will receive a well-deserved bonus for shopping for items in the store.


Simple and accessible controls

You can reach this game quickly in the first few minutes. That’s because it has a very simple and familiar control mechanism. Specifically, you only need to master the following 3 operations:

  • Use the joystick to move freely on the map.
  • Swipe your finger across the screen to change direction.
  • Click the screen to attack others.

Of course, you need to coordinate all these 3 operations during the experience. Moreover, you need clever strategy and cunning to gain an advantage over players of different roles. If you are a monster, you can move around as much as you want, trying to find the nooks and crannies of the map to find players. On the contrary, if you are a player, try to hide instead of attacking monsters directly. Moreover, change your perspective often to observe and detect the target in time.


Unlock new characters

The game gives you a bunch of different characters. They come from hit horror games and movies. These include familiar names like Obunga, Jerma, Dingle, Smiler, Granny, Nerd, Wugy, Green Monster, and more. Each character has its own action mechanism. Moreover, they will be designed to come alive with a 2D appearance. Besides, on the player side, you also have many different options to role-play.

The higher the level, the greater the difficulty. At that time, the monster characters will become stronger and wiser. If you choose this role, you will have a better advantage in the chase. On the contrary, if you are a player, you need to be more vigilant to avoid unexpected encounters with monsters. Crazy moments throughout the survival adventure will leave you with an unforgettable impression.


Vivid 3D open world

The battlefield scene is an open space designed with 3D graphics. It is designed with dark and gloomy colors, highlighting the horror element of survival adventures. Besides, the images of the characters, including players and monsters, are quite realistic. Thanks to that, you have a more interesting feeling when impersonating anyone. The background music element also contributes to your horror experience. Thrilling and fast-paced melodies will make the experience more engaging.

So are you ready for new survival in Naxtbot Blackroom Chasing Time ? This is where you will have the opportunity to showcase your talent and strategy. Survival adventures with a real horror element are addictive experiences. Whether you are a player or a monster, you will always find excitement in this game. Move and chase intensely or hide subtly to conquer the game.

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