My Hospital 2.3.5 MOD Lots of Money, Diamonds APK
My Hospital MOD APK 2.3.5

My Hospital 2.3.5 MOD Lots of Money, Diamonds APK

Written by Hai Nam (20 hours ago)
Name My Hospital
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Kuu Hubb Oy
Size 152MB
Latest Version 2.3.5
MOD Unlimited Money, Diamonds
Category Simulation
Price FREE

My Hospital will teach you how to build and manage a fun private hospital. This is a casual 2D simulation game but has more than 5 million installs on Google Play. It will give you the feeling of being a hospital tycoon. You can build and design your own hospital, allocate work to the medical team, manage equipment, research drugs, and do many other things. In general, you will find here a series of interesting quests. But just touch the screen to do everything according to the instructions. So it doesn’t take a minute for you to get to this game.

My Hospital – Manage your private hospital your way!

You don’t need a degree or spend real money to own the hospital of your dreams. That’s when you download and play My Hospital. At the beginning of the game, you will have a small capital and an unlocked hospital. Your mission is to turn it into a giant medical center with huge profit potential. To do this, you need to play hard to design, build and upgrade the hospital regularly. There are hundreds of patients waiting to be examined and treated. Quickly receive guests and help them recover from their illnesses!


Build and design your hospital

Initially, you only have a small hospital with a few pre-unlocked areas. But don’t worry, it’s the foundation to help you build your future medical center. With a modest initial capital, you can unlock a few new hospital beds, hire a few medical staff and buy some necessary equipment. Once construction is complete, you can receive patients right away. With the money earned from treatment, you will have more money to build offices, diagnostic rooms, treatment rooms, laboratories, and more.

Not only that, you will need decorations to beautify the hospital. Unlock decorative flower pots, wall paintings, stone benches, benches, bookcases, vending machines… You can place them anywhere you want. Just touch the item and move it to the appropriate location. Even after you’ve built everything, you have the power to customize their placement to redesign the hospital. It can be said that there are no limits in this game. Get creative to build your dream hospital.


Research drugs and treat

Unlike normal hospitals, your hospital in My Hospital specializes in treating many bizarre diseases. It could be the condition of the throat with chili seeds, the lungs with mucus, the frozen hands, etc. Each patient in the hospital will have his or her own medical condition. You need to have a general examination to understand their condition before making treatment decisions. Moreover, in order to supply medicine to patients, you need to develop a research room and a medicine growing area.

There are a total of more than 80 different diseases corresponding to more than 80 medicines. You need to build a medicinal plant farm to harvest and produce many medicines. Over time, you’ll gain access to new seeds, which in turn unlock new potions. At the same time, the number of patients will increase, which means the number of diseases will also increase. Try to upgrade the potion area and research room to produce more potions. Your job is to heal people and make them happy again. At the same time, you will make huge profits from the treatment.


Manage employee system

As a hospital manager, you will be the manager of the entire staff system here. There are many different types of staff from receptionists, nurses, doctors, drug researchers, and more. Each type of staff member will perform different jobs in specific areas of your hospital. You need to allocate to different patient groups to help the hospital make a profit. With a team of hardworking employees, you will become the idlest manager. In other words, the hospital will automatically operate as soon as you leave the game.


Play with friends online

This game allows you to connect and interact with friends around the world through your Facebook account. Thanks to that, you can buy and sell different cures with other managers in the game community. You can also show off your achievements to them or see other people’s achievements. This is an interesting feature that promotes competition, thereby motivating the efforts of all players.

My Hospital is a place for you to realize your dream of becoming a hospital tycoon. It will not let you down with its fun and idle management simulation gameplay. You will find here a fun time with quests such as examinating, healing, designing, building, and unlimited upgrades. What was more amazing? Come here and learn how to be the best manager.

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