My Home Design Dreams 1.0.490 MOD Lots of Money APK
My Home Design Dreams MOD APK 1.0.490

My Home Design Dreams 1.0.490 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (20 hours ago)
Name My Home Design Dreams
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher ZenLife Games
Size 168MB
Latest Version 1.0.490
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Price FREE

My Home Design Dreams takes the player to become a construction designer. Here you will decorate and design your own house to become more beautiful. Everything in the house is arranged by you, from the living room, bedroom, to the dining room. Not only decorate the rooms, but you can also design the green garden area better. That will help you enjoy a relaxing space and an ideal play area. Experience with the characters in the game, with them, discover many interesting things. Each room is authentically designed, creating a crisp space with neatly arranged objects. If you are cherishing the dream of becoming a designer, the game is the perfect choice to join.

Introduce about My Home Design Dreams – Design Your Own House!

Although My Home Design Dreams is a free game, it is not boring at all. The gameplay is simple but brings an interesting feeling. In particular, you can freely explore and do everything according to your preferences. Build a house according to your own wishes, arrange private space in the house. You can select each piece of furniture and arrange them perfectly. Depending on your own choices, you can make the room simple or gorgeous and colorful. Besides, you can create additional works such as amusement parks, entertainment, and private dining. At that time, the dream of designing a house in your own style will be fulfilled by you.Tai My Home Design Dreams

Earn money to buy furniture

Becoming a designer in My Home Design Dreams will help you decorate the room to be beautiful and look more friendly. A beautiful room, not only based on the design but also needs the comfort inside the room. First, you need to earn money, to buy decorations and furniture. By participating in puzzle games, overcome challenges quickly to receive high bonuses. Then, using the money you earn, you can buy furniture. If you want to design a simple room, you do not spend too much money, just use the items that the game provides. But if you want the room to become more luxurious and beautiful, you need to use the money to buy modern equipment. If you have more money, you can design a splendid room.Introduce about My Home Design Dreams

Join the puzzle game

Coming to My Home Design Dreams you will experience a puzzle game. Entering the game screen, on the screen appear many different objects. From everyday objects such as cups, bowls, plates appear. They have their own shape and color. Your task is to arrange the items horizontally or vertically so that they are close together. Arrange 3 or more items to have them destroyed. Each level is a challenge and the difficulty will increase as you move to the next level. After the end of the game screen, you will receive a bonus. Using them, you will have the opportunity to change and decorate your room to become more unique and luxurious. Along with that, you can equip many furniture items, so that a room is fully furnished.Game My Home Design Dreams

Control mechanism

My Home Design Dreams opens you to a colorful space. Along with a simple control mechanism and bright interface. You can decorate the objects in the room in a neat and tidy way. By touching and selecting items on your device’s screen, you can then move them to different locations. Here, players just need to interact and do everything they want. So you can change and arrange the items to the appropriate position. If you are not satisfied, the player can continue to move many other items until it feels right.Game My Home Design Dreams  APK

The game takes you to the stories of friends and people around you. Now you can chat and listen to their funny stories. What’s more, My Home Design Dreams helps you explore and see your friends’ houses. That will help you feel less bored and feel happier. You can create more closeness with your friends, by eating meals with them and talking together. Alternatively, you can take inspiration from your friends’ rooms and design them accordingly. However, that does not help you feel more interesting, because designing your own rooms will make them unique and different.

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