My Friend Pedro 1.12 MOD Full Unlocked APK
My Friend Pedro MOD APK 1.12

My Friend Pedro 1.12 MOD Full Unlocked APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name My Friend Pedro
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher DevolverDigital
Size 92MB
Latest Version 1.12
MOD Full Unlocked
Category Action
Price FREE

My Friend Pedro is an addictive action game built on a 2D platform. It will overwhelm you with the crazy shooting levels of hero Pedro in his revenge journey. Your enemies are the evil bosses who have stolen Pedro’s family. And now, you will help your friend end it all with a series of ice-cold revenge. You will have to overcome terrain obstacles and gunmen. You will enjoy the skillful acrobatics and a series of eye-catching shooting effects on each level. Get ready to destroy everything in your path as you walk, drive, or even skateboard. Be a shooting hero and enjoy these super addictive action mechanics, are you ready?

Download My Friend Pedro MOD APK – Action platformer gameplay

If you are looking for a simple action game to play right away, try My Friend Pedro. It has no frills storyline, simply a dense action-level system built with increasing difficulty over time. Just click “Start” to begin a basic training session. After that, you just need to follow the instructions to get through the preliminaries and then a series of exciting levels that you own. In each level, your task is to destroy all enemies to reach a maximum of 3 stars and an absolute score. Your hero only has 3 lives, and you have to start over with him running out of lives without completing the level mission.


Enjoy the slow-motion action

Each level is an addictive action adventure. To act, you need to master the controls of the game. Specifically, you will control Pedro with two joysticks on the left and right of the screen, corresponding to your two fingers. You need to swipe your finger in the left direction to jump to the right, long swipe to slide, and do the same thing on the opposite finger. This control mechanism is really not easy to get used to if you are a new player. You need to master both hands to master swipes, drags, and more. These actions help your hero jump, slide, and acrobatic skillfully. Besides, to shoot at the enemy, you just need to click on the target.

The important thing is how you will combine these operations to conquer each level. In each level, the terrain, location of obstacles, and a number of enemies are different, requiring your flexibility. Besides, you need to act quickly and decisively because the enemies will not wait for you to stop for more than a few seconds. In a few moments, you’ll enjoy beautiful slow-motion action. Take advantage of this time to select targets and shoot them before you land. In addition, you should know how to take advantage of the environment, such as shooting at wooden crates to create explosions, shooting at mirrors to reflect bullets, sticking to walls to jump higher…


Vehicle and weapon systems

The screen system in My Friend Pedro will change flexibly with new contexts, weapons, and action methods. It is this that creates an attraction that is hard to refuse once you enter the first level. With new levels, you will have the opportunity to discover new weapons and vehicles. Sometimes you’ll shoot with pistols, rifles, machine guns, and more. Each gun will of course be more or less different, but this should not affect too much how you act. Instead, skill is the most important thing that determines victory or defeat. Besides, on some levels, you can drive or skateboard instead of jogging. The way to control and act will change somewhat in that situation.


Unlock a series of unique new contexts

The levels will lead you on an endless adventure and pass through beautiful landscapes. The context system is as unique and diverse as the weapon and vehicle system and also changes flexibly through the game screen. The changing context leads to differences in terrain type, location of obstacles, number of enemies, the color of the battlefield scene, and more. It is this that will challenge you and demand a wiser new plan of action. What you will experience will not be the same as in the previous level. Keep this in mind so you don’t get complacent with your results.


Funny and cute cartoon design

The game makes every gamer enjoy with its vivid 2D design style. Everything is built in a cartoon style, both funny and cool. The game context changes flexibly through the levels. The combat effects are eye-catching with eye-catching colors and slow-motion effects. In particular, the extremely vibrant background music also contributes to the attractiveness of each action phase in the game.

My Friend Pedro is an action game that you should not refuse. It will engage you for hours of gameplay with addictive action levels. You will have the opportunity to enjoy fast-paced shooting battles with slow-motion effects, professional acrobatics, and a series of eye-catching shooting effects. Don’t miss these on your heroic journey.

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