Musixmatch 7.11.2 MOD Premium Unlocked APK
Musixmatch MOD APK 7.11.2

Musixmatch 7.11.2 MOD Premium Unlocked APK

By Hai Nam April 3, 2024 (3 weeks ago)
Name Musixmatch
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Musixmatch
Size 27MB
Latest Version 7.11.2
MOD Premium Unlocked
Category Music & Audio
Price FREE

Musixmatch owns a huge collection of songs used by millions of people around the world. So this is the app you need if you want to see the lyrics for any song. This app can link with top music streaming apps like Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, and more. You just need to turn on the music on the player, and the application will provide the corresponding lyrics. You can even detect any tune from any source. This application will return the song title, artist, and accompanying lyrics. Moreover, you can share music anytime and anywhere.

Introduce about Musixmatch – Enjoy the lyrics with many translations!

Most music playback applications today omit the lyrics. This makes it impossible for you to sing along to the tune if you don’t know the lyrics. But with the Musixmatch app, this problem is gone. This application will help you see the lyrics to hum to the tune of your favorite music. You can also listen to music while learning foreign languages through translated lyrics. The lyrics can also be played on the notification screen, making it easy for you to transition, turn on, off, … with just one touch.


Quickly find lyrics

This application owns a super collection of lyrics. With such a large database, it’s easy to give you the lyrics of any song. You just need to open the music on the top music streaming apps like Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Pandora, etc. Then, this application will return the corresponding lyrics running according to the song. It’s convenient, right? All lyrics also have many translations contributed by the user community. You can listen to music while viewing the translation of the lyrics to understand more about foreign music.

In particular, the lyrics search feature becomes even more useful in a wider environment. If you hear a certain song in a public place but don’t know the lyrics or the name of the song, simply go to this app. You just need to raise the phone to let the application listen to an audio clip from the source. It will then tell you what song it is, by whom, and what the lyrics are. The resulting detection speed is super fast and the accuracy is quite high. But you need to make sure the source has the good sound quality for more accurate results.


Quick view lyrics on the floating screen

Musixmatch has a utility feature called “Floating Lyrics”. This feature helps you see the lyrics on the notification screen in real-time. That is, even if you do not access the application, it is still easy to follow the lyrics. Moreover, interacting with the application also becomes easier. You just need to open the phone screen and touch it to turn the lyrics on, off, or forward the lyrics.

This feature is also extremely useful for you to see the lyrics when listening to music on Youtube. You can open Youtube videos in full screen and see the lyrics floating along with the video. What was more amazing?


Customize your profile

Each user has a personalized personal profile. This app will build on your experience to make things better every day. The smart search feature helps you to search and get results fast. Moreover, the search results will be saved for analysis, thereby suggesting new suitable content. You can also follow certain artists and get the latest notifications from them. Plus, you can save your favorite lyrics and translations to access anytime.

Share music with the online community

This application has a large community for all users. There you can find people with similar musical tastes. Do not hesitate to share music with the community and see everyone’s reviews. You can quickly share lyrics or customize lyrics with beautiful fonts, images, and quotes. Be creative in the way you want to impress the online music community.


Connect with multiple devices

You can open this application on multiple devices. Specifically, you just need to download the application to your phone to enjoy the lyrics anytime, anywhere. Or you can display the lyrics on your TV screen via Chromecast. This application also links with Android smartwatches. Thus, you will easily see lyrics or look up any music anywhere you go. Your profile will be synced across all devices.

All in all, Musixmatch is a great app, isn’t it? It is not a music player but is always a must-have tool for those who like music. With this app, you will find lyrics for all songs from music streaming apps or any other source. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to participate in the largest music-listening community in the world. Feel free to share your musical preferences.

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