Muscle Hero: Future Evolution 1.31.0 MOD Lots of Money, Dumb Enemies APK
Muscle Hero: Future Evolution MOD APK 1.31.0

Muscle Hero: Future Evolution 1.31.0 MOD Lots of Money, Dumb Enemies APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 week ago)
Name Muscle Hero: Future Evolution
Requires Android 5.1
PublisherSuperhero Academy
Latest Version1.31.0
MOD Unlimited Money, Dumb Enemies
Price FREE

Muscle Hero: Future Evolution is a new role-playing game from the publisher Superhero Academy. And it continues to be a game built on a heroic story from the Marvel universe. This time, it’s the story of the Hulk – a powerful hero with huge muscles. His opponents are street gangsters. He needs your help to defeat them and preserve the peace. When you play as him, you can perform earth-shaking attacks. Enjoy the most thrilling action and conquer all your battles.

Muscle Hero: Future Evolution – Join the war of superheroes!

The game context takes place in a crime city, which is threatened by gangsters. In that context, superheroes like you will be on a mission to protect the city – just like what was done in previous games like Iron Hero and Spider Hero. It is a long-term mission that you need to conquer through many battles. Those wars will involve a variety of enemies. Each enemy has its own characteristics and ways of acting. Sort your enemies and defeat them your way.


Defeat every enemy along the way

In the battle to protect the city, you will play the superhero Hulk, which is reimagined from the original Marvel. He possesses a large body and strong melee attack ability. Your task is to control him through many street fights. Your opponent can be anyone with heavy weapons like guns, bazookas, and more. They appear continuously along the way, and you need to defeat certain enemies to level up. To do that, practice regularly to master every skill.

These skills include movement, 1 basic attack, and 4 special attacks. You need to combine them properly to create effective combat combos. Besides, each skill will take a certain amount of time to recover. Therefore, you need to align the time to use the skill properly to maximize the power. If you have enough energy for every skill, you can perform combos of hitting, punching, knocking, throwing stones, breaking walls, and more. Don’t wait too long to make your next attack if you don’t want to be counterattacked.


Grow your hero your way

Initially, you cannot own all hero skills in Muscle Hero: Future Evolution. You need to unlock each new skill as you level up. Besides, the game allows you to choose the type of skill you want. To do that, you just need to visit the Skill Tree and make the appropriate choice. Different skills will give you a sense of individual action. Therefore, choose how to develop hero skills according to your preferences. You can also preview the skill effect through the description video.

The hero’s skill system is very diverse, but you can only choose up to 4 skills in each battle. Besides, the hero’s attributes will be upgraded as you progress to new levels. As can be seen, everything is getting more and more new, diverse and stronger. Thanks to that, you will have the opportunity to enjoy great power thresholds from the hero. However, as you get stronger, the enemies also become more and more crowded and stronger. Therefore, do not be subjective when entering the battle.

Diverse battlefield scene

You will accompany the hero through many battles in dozens of different locations. It could be on the bridge, on the street in the heart of the city, at the train station, at the casino, and more. The context will change dynamically after a certain number of levels. From there, it provides the freshness needed to keep your excitement going for a long time. In particular, when the context changes, the obstacles, and enemies also change. So you’ll need to prepare yourself mentally and strategically for a more unpredictable battle.


Enjoy a smooth immersive experience

Like previous games, this game is designed with 2D graphics. It highlights the superhero image based on the original Hulk design from the Marvel movie. Besides, the hero’s skills are also built on the original. You can perform those skills and feel the wonderful smoothness. Your every action seems to have no delay. From there, it gives a feeling of real action.

All in all, Muscle Hero: Future Evolution is a great action role-playing game. It brings you fascinating confrontations between superheroes and criminals. But you won’t enjoy these battles from the viewer’s point of view. Instead, you will play as a superhero and solve the wars on your own. Prepare yourself to become the Hulk and possess extraordinary powers.

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