Mr Bullet 5.41 MOD Lots of Money/tickets APK
Mr Bullet MOD APK 5.41

Mr Bullet 5.41 MOD Lots of Money/tickets APK

Written by Hai Nam (15 hours ago)
Name Mr Bullet
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Lion Studios
Size 43MB
Latest Version 5.41
MOD Unlimited money/tickets
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Mr Bullet is a fun and challenging shooting puzzle game. There, you will become a spy or a hero to destroy all enemies on each level. But you don’t play the usual way, you have to use your brain to win. Please adjust the shooting angle reasonably to finish all enemies with the minimum number of bullets. That is the basis for you to reach a maximum of 3 stars in each level. Your enemies can be anyone from spies, agents, zombies, woodworkers, and more. Sometimes you need to save hostages from enemies, so be careful with your shots. Will you shoot in a straight line or skillfully bounce bullets? Now is the time to show your shooting skills and dominate the leaderboards here.

Mr Bullet – Addictive shooting puzzle arcade game!

This game gives you hundreds of levels in dozens of different modes. But your goal is only one, that is to destroy all enemies by shooting. Even so, this game is in the puzzle genre instead of action. Since you don’t need to do too much, simply tap and swipe to shoot. Besides, the shooting gameplay here is really different from reality. You don’t need to aim straight, you can still destroy them with just one shot, believe it? This crazy and creative gameplay is addictive. Moreover, with fun images and a diverse map system, the game always creates something new in your puzzle journey.


Explore a variety of unique quests

Your mission in the game depends on the model you choose. Currently, the game has dozens of different modes with unique rules. For example, in Classic mode, you play in a level progression with no time limit. Your goal is to shoot to destroy the enemy and complete the level with the absolute number of stars. Meanwhile, if you play in Grenades mode, the weapon you use is a grenade instead of a gun. Missions mode includes dozens of missions divided into several stages. And especially, in Duel mode, you can invite and challenge your friends through real-time matches to advance on the leaderboard.

Even the game has many other modes that are equally fun. Thanks to that, your gameplay and tasks are really diverse. You can encounter spies, mafia, zombies, and even aliens. At each level, they are arranged in a separate environment, creating a puzzle. Your job is to find the solution to this puzzle, ie find a way to destroy the target under different environmental conditions. You just swipe your finger on the screen to adjust the direction of the shot, then release your hand to shoot. Bullets can bounce over walls and obstacles and follow unpredictable trajectories. But you can get used to this on many levels. And find ways to optimize your flight path to reach as many targets as possible.


Various weapon systems, skins, and maps

Mr Bullet brings quite a lot of cool things to explore. First of all, the weapon system. Although not too diverse, the weapon system also includes many types from pistols to rifles, grenades, and even bombs. Different weapons have their own characteristics for you to use in many situations. Besides, the system of skins for the character is equally unique. You can unlock skins to customize your spy into a king, vampire, and more. Skins do not improve the character’s stats but create a new feeling to inspire you.

In addition, the maps in the game also change flexibly through the levels. Each level is a unique map built from platforms, buildings, details, and characters. You will see everything new thanks to the flexible change in the arrangement of the details on the map. Moreover, the landscape is equally diverse, leading you into shooting battles from deep forests to deserts, cities, and more. In each place, you will have the opportunity to explore the unique and fun landscape.


Funny pictures, vivid effects

The game is designed on a 2D platform and takes place on the phone’s vertical screen. Everything is very intuitive and detailed, helping you to observe and act easily. Besides, with a cartoon-style design, the game feels friendly and close. The characters are both funny and cool. The shooting effect is vivid and colorful. Everything is at a good level, enough to impress you for a long time.

Overall, Mr Bullet is a super attractive puzzle game. Although everything is built quite simply, it is highly addictive. You will have the opportunity to show off your ingenuity and observation skills to conquer all the funniest arcade levels. Whoever the enemy is, save your ammo with clever projectiles. You will witness the most skillful and craziest shots ever.

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