Mr Bow 5.0.4 MOD Shopping Without Money APK
Mr Bow MOD APK 5.0.4

Mr Bow 5.0.4 MOD Shopping Without Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (17 hours ago)
Name Mr Bow
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Vicenter Game
Size 50MB
Latest Version 5.0.4
MOD Free Shopping
Category Arcade
Price FREE

Mr Bow is the game for you to learn how to become a legendary archer master. It gives you levels with archery challenges in the role of a funny stickman. Your mission is to destroy all enemies at each level and upgrade continuously to conquer the whole game. Simply aim, drag and drop to shoot arrows at the enemy, but sometimes, you will have trouble with talented archers constantly moving around the map. Be careful with melee enemies. Use a number of support skills to give the advantage of mastering the battlefield. Besides, don’t miss the chance to unlock new more powerful bows and unique skins for your stickman hero. Multiple modes to play and compete with real players. Are you ready to explore?

Mr Bow – A simple but addictive archery game!

Do you love classic archery games? So Mr Bow is a good choice that you should not miss. This simple game has attracted millions of gamers around the world. That’s thanks to the fun and challenging level system that will keep you busy for hours on your phone. Simply archery and kill enemies, but to conquer the whole game, you need a lot of practice and a little more luck. Enemies are constantly being upgraded, becoming more diverse and stronger over time. So, what will you do to conquer them all and become the archery master? Not only skills, but you also need strategy, experience, and wealth to upgrade your strength. Do not hesitate, the game is available here to download to your phone and try it now.


Show your archery skills through each level

The game has two main modes, one is campaign mode and the other is 2 player mode. In the first mode, your task is to destroy the evil enemies to protect your kingdom. There, you need to pass the levels from easy to difficult and encounter a series of enemies from weak to strong. Meanwhile, in 2-player mode, you can compete with any online opponent or your friends. It is more difficult than the first mode because real players always have clever strategy and intrigue. And you can’t get used to a weak opponent, it’s really a fierce fight from the beginning. So maybe you should train in campaign mode first and use the skills and experience gained to fight in online mode.

Regardless of the mode, you need to know how to use the bow and arrow to finish the opponent. The operation is quite simple, just touch the screen to aim, drag the bow and release the hand to shoot. Thus, to achieve an effective shot, you need to ensure accuracy 3 times. First, it’s time to aim, then it’s time to draw the bow and target, and lastly, it’s time to shoot. The arrows that hit the target will make the opponent fall into the hole immediately and you will score. But a headshot is the best for you to double the score. And if the bow goes in the wrong direction, be careful of the enemies’ responses in Mr Bow. As the level increases, the enemies will become stronger and can move non-stop. They will make it difficult for you to aim and shoot accurately.


Explore the character and weapon system

As you level up, you have the right to unlock new stickman characters to improve your appearance and archery skills. It can be a Viking warrior hero or an assassin, ninja, and more. Besides, unlock more new types of bows to improve damage and accuracy. The bow skins are also pretty cool, especially the premium ones.

Besides bows and arrows, pay attention to the skills you have to give you an edge on the battlefield. It includes a healing skill and a freezing skill. If you hit the target after applying the freeze skill, the enemy cannot respond. It’s time for you to find a way to defeat the remaining enemies more easily. After upgrading, these skills remain unchanged and you can always call in every battle.


Rough 2D graphics, vibrant sound

Despite possessing simple and rudimentary graphics, this game also impresses well enough to satisfy many gamers. The character is designed with a funny stickman appearance, creating friendliness to match the preferences of many players. Besides, the game context also changes flexibly through each screen. The archery movements and effects are also very smooth and realistic. So the game can run smoothly on multiple devices while still impressing to inspiring gamers for a long time.

There is not too much to complain about Mr Bow, it is simply a good game. Classic archery gameplay is described as simple yet refined, offering levels that are both fun and dramatic. Join it and hone your skills to become a master of archery. Conquer all enemies in campaign mode or challenge your friends in 2-player mode.

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