MotorBike 2.4.5 MOD MENU MOD, All cars are open, Free purchases for money and gold APK
MotorBike: Drag Racing Game MOD APK 2.4.5

MotorBike 2.4.5 MOD MENU MOD, All cars are open, Free purchases for money and gold APK

Written by Hai Nam (5 days ago)
Name MotorBike: Drag Racing Game
Requires Android 5.0
PublisherWolves Interactive ™️
Latest Version2.4.5
MOD MENU MOD, All cars are open, Free purchases for money and gold
Price FREE

Ready to participate in motorbike races in the game MotorBike. Follow the speed racing gameplay on the roads. Opens in many locations with vividly recreated environments. Through the first-person perspective, control the vehicle to constantly accelerate to move forward. The goal is to overcome the stages and safely reach the finish line. At the same time complete assigned tasks, as well as conquer challenges. From there win and prove yourself as a professional racer. To increase the experience for all players when participating. The game is provided by developer Wolves Interactive with many interesting features. From graphics and sound systems to diverse media systems.

MotorBike – Become a Professional Motorcycle Racer!

Come to LMHAPKSS‘s MotorBike to enjoy straight-road motor racing. Through Career mode to develop your career. Accordingly, levels with many different tasks are waiting for you. From the first-person perspective the motorcyclist controls the moving vehicle. Speed ​​up and rush forward, while dodging traffic. Ensure safety until reaching the finish line to finish the journey. Also, complete the assigned task at that level. From there can receive bonuses based on achievements. Then comes the next level with tough challenges waiting ahead.MotorBike MOD

Opens 750 missions

Through motorbike races in the game MotorBike. There will be many different tasks to perform. Accordingly, the system opens up 750 specific missions with their own challenges. For example, complete the race within the specified time, collecting a sufficient number of energy cards. Successfully surpass another competitor in a competitive race. Win the race with the leading position. Many other missions will be opened one after another each time the next races come. The difficulty also increases from there with many changing factors. Every time you start a new race, you will have to perform another task that is difficult to complete. But besides that, the reward received later will increase even more.MotorBike MOD APK

There are 10 racing themes

According to information provided by MotorBike. Participating in the game will have the opportunity to experience 10 different motor racing themes. Including collecting cards on the road, combined goals, real-time racing, and distance racing. Challenge hunters, overtake cars, and chase police. There are a number of other topics that will be explored after coming to the game. Each theme opens up races according to its own gameplay style. At the same time, the system provides rules that must be followed. As well as the tasks that need to be performed to win. For example, in the police chase theme, you will have to drive a motorbike on the highway. As a police officer driving a motorbike to chase traffic criminals. From there, you must increase your speed to move quickly on the road.MotorBike MOD

Race locations

MotorBike takes its inspiration from racetracks in real-world locations. Examples include Los Angeles, Paris, Moscow, Istanbul, and London. In each location, a vivid environment is recreated. With differences expressed through the natural landscape and surrounding environment. Along with that are the typical terrain conditions in each area. Thereby, the system also simulates locations based on different time periods of the day. Includes sunset, nighttime darkness, and daylight. Depending on each race, environments, and locations will be randomly generated. Over time there will be opportunities to explore them all.

More than 35 motorcycle models

Currently MotorBike game offers more than 35 different vehicles. Includes motorcycles designed based on real life. They are produced by big brands with many different designs. That difference is reflected in the size, overall design, and paint color. Examples are classic motorcycles, vintage designed motorcycles, offroad vehicles, modern vehicles, and even motorcycles used in races. There is much more to be discovered after joining.Game MotorBike MOD

The performance of each motorcycle is evaluated through technical parameters. Thereby you can proceed to upgrade to improve. Includes the engine to increase the maximum achievable speed, Turbo, wheels to improve traction. Nitro increases cast time, as well as higher top speed. Braking for fast deceleration with short distances, and handling with flexibility during vehicle control. Thereby, in order to be able to upgrade to enhance vehicle performance. It takes money to implement and will cost a lot of money.

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