Moto Traffic Race 2 1.28.01 MOD Lots of Money APK
Moto Traffic Race 2 MOD APK 1.28.01

Moto Traffic Race 2 1.28.01 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Moto Traffic Race 2
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Play365
Size 99MB
Latest Version 1.28.01
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Racing
Price FREE

Are you looking for a motorcycle racing game? If yes, Moto Traffic Race 2 is the game for you. It is one of the best motorcycle games on mobile with a variety of modes, a rich motorcycle system, and a high-end 3D graphics platform. So it has everything you need to enjoy the amazing racing feeling on the traffic highway tracks. Your challenge is the cars on a one-way or two-way road. Moreover, you also have dozens of opponents who are real players when you play in online multiplayer mode. Dodge the car and reach the maximum speed to win the top 1 position on the track. With the victory, you will win the title of high rank and many bonuses to invest in your garage.

Download Moto Traffic Race 2 MOD APK – Fast-paced motorcycle race

This is one of the best options in the racing genre. It is built with realistic visuals, smooth racing effects, and realistic engine sounds. It offers a perfect racing experience even when you are offline or online. There are always the best tracks to race alone or compete with friends. In particular, you will find a wide range of high-end motorcycle models with diverse designs and powerful engines. You can also enjoy customizing your car and racer before hitting the track. Stay calm to overcome all challenges and try to win the respect of other riders. What do you want title or bonus? You can strive for both.


Discover exciting races

Currently, the game has quite a few modes and maps that you can try. First, you can choose to race in One-way or Two-way mode. These two modes do not have much difference and include many unique missions with difficulty leveling up over time. But if you love a little more challenge, the two-way mode is right for you. It takes you on a two-way track filled with traffic going in the opposite direction and in the same direction. Your mission is to dodge the cars and accelerate to reach the record speed and complete the assigned requirements. Besides, the game also has a One on One mode, where you will face off with another friend. And in multiplayer mode, you can race against many racers from many parts of the world.

Regardless of the mode, you need to master the car controls to gain an advantage, aim for the top 1 position, or record achievements. You can drive with two arrows or tilt the screen, and accelerate and decelerate by clicking the up and down arrows. Besides, you can choose the viewing angle, such as a first or third person. Sometimes, the game will let you use nitro tanks to speed up in certain missions. Up to 5 control modes are set by the player himself. Choose your favorite and familiar mode to enjoy the track.


Design and unlock cool motorcycle models

You will find in Moto Traffic Race 2 a series of high-end motorcycle models and many other options. These are models with diverse and unique designs, with separate parameters for speed, handling, and braking. You can unlock new cars with a wide selection of colors. Besides, you can also use the money to upgrade the parameters of the car, to improve your advantage on the track. So, enjoy choosing your car and upgrading it your way. There is no limit here.

And don’t forget the option of rider models to accompany you. The game also has dozens of skins for riders with unique hats, clothes, shoes, and accessories. You also need to spend money to unlock any skins. But you also need to reach certain levels to get access to new skins and vehicles. You can also choose to map the day or night before joining any race. Take the time to design your experience, from the vehicle to the steering wheel, the maps, the weather conditions, and even the controls.


Realistic picture and vivid sound

The game impresses with its well-thought-out design in every aspect. It vividly depicts high-end motorcycles with unique engine sounds for each model. Besides, the image of the racer is equally real. You can enjoy racing cars and drivers in the first or third person. Moreover, you can easily observe the full racing scene. The weather conditions and environment are downright realistic. You will have the opportunity to drive in snow, rain, sun, night, day, and more.

Moto Traffic Race 2 is a great racing game that you should not miss. It will delight the busy traffic tracks, and challenge your driving skills and also your composure. Drive your way with your favorite controls and the ultimate motorcycle. You can enjoy the engine sound and speed of racing with your friends around the globe here.

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