Monster Tales 1.0.120 MOD Menu VIP, High Damage, God mode, 1Hit Kill APK
Monster Tales MOD APK 1.0.120

Monster Tales 1.0.120 MOD Menu VIP, High Damage, God mode, 1Hit Kill APK

Written by Hai Nam (4 hours ago)
Name Monster Tales
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Tangelo Games Spain
Size 115MB
Latest Version 1.0.120
MOD Menu, High Damage, God mode, One Hit Kill
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Monster Tales is a puzzle game combining RPG style. Here you will have the opportunity to become a dragon trainer and a puzzle strategist. Your mission is to collect dragon eggs and nurture and upgrade dragons to become true warriors. Don’t hesitate to arrange your dragons into the perfect formation for battle. The fight is simply a colorful match-3 puzzle board, but it requires your cunning strategy. You can explore a long journey with hundreds of exciting levels, or you will enter the PvP arena, where real players are waiting to compete. Show your dragon’s legendary power and puzzle skills. Travel through many lands, uncover mysteries, and don’t miss out on unique loot.

Introduce about Monster Tales – The combination of RPG and match-3 puzzle!

It’s easy to find a match-3 puzzle game these days, but Monster Tales has always been something different and new. It’s not just a puzzle experience, but it also has elements of role-playing, action, and strategy. The game will keep you entertained with action-puzzle boards where you will use your fingers to fight and win rewards. Your warriors are monsters, dragons, heroes, and even villains. Those are amazing creatures that you can find anywhere in the beautiful 2D fantasy world here. Starting from collecting eggs, then upgrading, training, fighting, and growing non-stop. It’s great to be able to witness a long journey with your favorite creature, isn’t it?


Collect and train monsters

So far, the game has brought over 180 creatures with levels ranging from rare to rare. Creatures are ranked by the number of stars, up to a maximum of 5 stars corresponding to the legendary creature. They can be recruited from the time they are eggs. You will get a default creature at the beginning and can start your adventure from there. Let’s start the mini-war, earn rewards and unlock more. You can get eggs from the rewards, thereby nurturing creatures and watching them mature over time. Each creature has 3 upgrade stages and they will change both in appearance and strength as they grow. When they reach a certain level, you can bring them into the battlefield.

To feed monsters, you need food for them. Moreover, pay attention to daily quests and complete them ahead of time to get free diamond chests. Diamonds will be used to level up monsters, promoting growth in both physical and skill. Before long, you can have a wonderful collection of monsters. They can include beings with the power system of water, fire, earth, and more. Each elemental power has its own pros and cons. Therefore, you need to consider choosing the right creatures and creating the most perfect warrior lineup.


Epic puzzle wars

Once your creatures reach maturity, it’s time to show them off on the battlefield. Monster Tales has two main game modes, PvE and PvP. In the first mode, the game has more than 150 levels, each level is a battle to test your squad of creatures. The challenges will become more and more fierce, you can even meet bosses on some levels. Meanwhile, the PvP battlefield is always bustling with hundreds of players around the world. This is where you can compete with top monster trainers. Bring your best squad here to compete, earn rewards and rank up.

In the war, your task is to solve the puzzle. A colorful puzzle board is visually displayed on the screen, and your job is to match the same items to score points. Each correct combo will help your creature accumulate energy to launch skill moves, thereby dealing damage to enemies. But each creature will be compatible with a certain type of item. For example, if you need to deploy the power of the fire dragon, you need to match the items that are red in color on the puzzle board. The tactical element of the game is shown here.


Vivid images, diverse maps

The game is only designed on 2D graphics, but it vividly depicts every detail and image. You will have the opportunity to admire legendary creatures with beautiful appearances and eye-catching skill effects. Moreover, the battlefield scene dynamically changes through the levels, leading you through unique lands from volcanoes to jungles, deserts, dungeons, and more. In addition, the puzzle effects will also make you mesmerized.


Do not hesitate to download Monster Tales and immerse yourself in epic battles. Show your puzzle talent to conquer every battlefield and hunt for huge rewards. You will become a top dragon and monster trainer on the leaderboard. It’s your chance to meet other talented coaches.

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