Monster Dungeon 2.5 MOD Damage, God Mode, Mana, Speed APK
Monster Dungeon: Hunting Master MOD APK 2.5

Monster Dungeon 2.5 MOD Damage, God Mode, Mana, Speed APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Monster Dungeon: Hunting Master
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Dungeon Master
Size 142MB
Latest Version 2.5
MOD Damage, God Mode, Mana, Speed
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Experience the action game Monster Dungeon in offline mode. Role-playing gameplay combined with adventure elements. Unleash a challenging journey in a fantasy world. Play as a hero to carry out missions according to the game’s plot. Take on the mission of destroying all scary monsters to protect the world. Bring peace and tranquility to all humanity. This is a game built in the idle MMORPG style. Launch raids into dark dungeons to fight countless enemies and dangerous bosses. Express yourself using weapons, combined with skills to fight them all. At the same time, adventure through areas and discover unknown mysteries.

Download Monster Dungeon MOD APK – Adventure Against Enemies to Protect the World

Play as a hero in LMHAPKSS‘s Monster Dungeon. Take on combat missions against fearsome enemies in the areas. Break into dark dungeons, and go through dense forests filled with deadly dangers. Fight off waves of fierce attacks from monsters in the volcanic land. Or survive against enemies in desolate lands. In each location, different environments are recreated. Shown through the surrounding landscape, terrain conditions, as well as the appearance of monsters. For example, fighting in a volcanic area, in a dark space, and in molten ground with lava flows.Download Monster Dungeon MOD

Story missions

Follow the plot of Monster Dungeon to complete the quest. Unleash the adventure in each randomly generated area. Play as a hero to begin your mission to protect the world from being invaded by enemies. Each mission lasts for a maximum of 5 minutes countdown. You do not have support from teammates, instead, you will be alone with your mount. Fight against waves of fierce attacks from large numbers of enemies. They constantly rush in to take lives. Accordingly, there will be no other choice but to attack. Use equipped weapons and combine them with skill sets, as well as use support items. Constantly fight with the goal of wiping out everything in a short time and surviving.Monster Dungeon MOD

Difficulty increases with many changes

After completing a quest in an area of ​​Monster Dungeon. Continue to adventure in new areas. The challenge also increases from there with many changes. Shown by the number of enemies attacking more fiercely than before. They also have enhanced abilities, as well as more enemies with greater power appearing. Even have to face bosses at certain stages. This will make it very difficult for you to resist. Because of the superior strength of the boss, along with the fierce attack from monsters. Then it will be very easy to lose your life, if that happens it will mean the mission fails.Game Monster Dungeon MOD

Skills and moves

The progression of the adventure in Monster Dungeon. Can use 4 different skills to attack enemies. Along with that is a normal physical attack and a movement skill. You can combine to create powerful attack actions. From there, cause damage against enemies and bosses. But it should be noted that you cannot use 4 skills from the beginning. Instead, you will have to reach enough levels to be able to learn one after another. In order of each hero’s level, when reaching level 5, 10, 15, and 20 will be learned. From there, you can create powerful combos to quickly destroy enemies.

Use 3 types of weapons

Heroes in Monster Dungeon can use 3 different weapons to attack enemies. Thereby, you can equip equipment to change your attack style during the adventure. Includes sword, gun, and staff. Each weapon will attack in its own way when used. For example, swords have the advantage of fighting at close range, being able to attack strongly against a large number of enemies surrounding them. Gun with the ability to fire unlimited bullets and cause damage from a long distance. Very suitable for both attacking and moving gameplay. Or the staff creates magic damage, causing enemies to suffer a lot.Monster Dungeon MOD APK

From attacking actions to destroying enemies in Monster Dungeon. You will receive experience points to accumulate, and when you meet the conditions, you will increase to a new level. Accordingly, every time you reach a higher level, your stats will increase. Including movement speed, physical damage, health, and more. To enhance the hero’s fighting power. You need to combine and equip items, each type has its own attribute index. When equipped, it will increase your strength to fight better.

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