Modern Sniper 2.6 MOD Lots of Money APK
Modern Sniper MOD APK 2.6

Modern Sniper 2.6 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name Modern Sniper
Requires Android 4.0
Publisher Candy Mobile
Size 50MB
Latest Version 2.6
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Action
Price FREE

The shooting theme is a great source of inspiration for game makers to use. Each game will bring its own gameplay. Here, you can test your skills through ern Sniper missions. This is an action game. Use the first-person perspective to recreate the battles. Incorporating impressive simulated 3D graphics. Mix smooth and flexible transition effects. Along with that is a diverse mission system. With challenges taking place in each level of play. Promises to bring exciting matches. The content of the game revolves around a sniper. Ready to carry out dangerous attack or assassination missions in silence. The goal is to eliminate the mobs in the underworld, including notorious criminals.

Introduce about ern Sniper – Play as a Gunman Get Ready for Missions!

More than 50 different missions are waiting for you to do. Every mission in ern Sniper is a challenge. Play as a modern gunman to get ready for action. You will have to destroy the specified targets in each battle. Through the use of the equipped gun to fire accurately. After completing the mission, by killing all enemies. From there will receive attractive rewards. Based on the achievement achieved will have the opportunity to receive the corresponding bonus. It is then possible to start a new quest at the next level. The difficulty of the challenge will then increase. The environment and terrain will be changed. More targets need to be shot down than before. At the same time, their skills are also improved. Make it difficult for you to complete the task.Game ern Sniper

During the battle

The gameplay of ern Sniper takes place in real-time. Each mission will be limited to the specified time. Your enemies are notorious criminals in the underworld. They are equipped with advanced weapons to fight. As soon as the bullet is fired, the enemy will discover the location. From there they will attack to stop and take lives. Not stopping there, the enemy’s position will not stop changing. Will not stand still to give you time to aim. They will move continuously to change positions. Makes it difficult for you to attack. At the same time, the number of bullets in each battle is also limited. You can only fire a limited number of bullets. After using it all, it is not possible to end the battle. From there, it will create an opportunity for the enemy to attack, quickly losing a life.Introduce about ern Sniper

Explore 6 maps

Through shooting missions in ern Sniper. You will explore 6 different maps. Typically, the map in the city at night, on the roofs of high-rise buildings. In the military exercise area, the airport,… there are some other maps. Each map is designed with different environments and terrain. At the same time, criminals also know how to take advantage of the surrounding terrain. Hide behind objects ahead to limit your sight. For example in the city environment. Enemies will hide behind vehicles parked on the road. That will increase the difficulty so that you can shoot accurately. Kill all enemies before time runs out. To be able to win, complete the challenges. Requires shooting skills to be precise and flexible.Ear ern Sniper

There are 7 types of guns

Modern Sniper is an offline sniper game. Experience completely free after downloading. Here, you are provided with 7 different types of guns. Includes several rifles and sniper rifles. Each type of gun is designed with an impressive design. Their difference is reflected in the style. As well as the style used to attack. Along with different specifications. Including the number of bullets, attack range, and reload time. To collect and own the guns in the game. It is necessary to use the money accumulated in the battles to trade. Unlock each gun in turn to use. From there will help you to achieve better efficiency to complete the task excellently.Modern Sniper

In addition to fighting criminals in ern Sniper. Under onslaught from them after discovering your location. From there, it would be inevitable to lose blood. If exhausted, you will lose your life, which means the mission failed. To be able to continue the battle after being hit by the enemy. The first aid item can be used to heal. At that time, a certain amount of blood will be increased. However, similar to using a gun to shoot bullets. Heal items are also limited in quantity. Should be used only when necessary to save at important times.

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