Mobfish Hunter 3.9.7 MOD Menu VIP, Unlimited Coins APK
Mobfish Hunter MOD APK 3.9.7

Mobfish Hunter 3.9.7 MOD Menu VIP, Unlimited Coins APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Mobfish Hunter
Requires Android 5.1
PublisherAppxplore (iCandy)
Latest Version3.9.7
MOD Menu, Unlimited Coins
Price FREE

Get ready to go fishing in the world of Mobfish Hunter. Based on the game’s plot about a polluted world. Set in the year 2020, after greedy tycoons have taken over rare lands in the world. They exploit elements, causing environmental destruction and serious pollution. It also leads to the heavy destruction of the oceans. To adapt to living conditions of a polluted environment. The fishes of the world have evolved and changed into dangerous species. Known by scientists as Mobfish. They don’t just evolve into terrifying shapes. It can also attack ocean hunters. This leads to danger to those at sea.

Mobfish Hunter – Join the Aggressive Mobfish Hunts!

Before the evolution of oceanic Mobfish. To stop their aggression, a team of hunters appeared. You are one of them to join the journey to hunt the Mobfish. Accordingly, it will have to use advanced weapons and modern bait. Able to launch deep into the sea to hunt dangerous fishes. Not only that, the hunting process will face many other dangers. It takes your skill to be able to hunt the largest number of fish possible. From there earn a lot of money to improve the equipment used in the next hunt.Game Mobfish Hunter

The gameplay takes place

Based on the story of the game revolves around the aggressive hunting of Mobfish in the ocean. The gameplay will be played in a progression with two different activities. Using fishing lures made from projectile weapons can cause direct damage. Start dropping to the seabed with the goal of reaching the maximum depth, expressed in meters. The drop-down process will have to avoid schools of fish at different water levels, not touching them. Because if that happens, it will trigger the weapon to launch and fly back up to the surface of the sea. At this point you need to adjust to be able to hunt Mobfish species. Try to catch in large numbers for excellent results. When the bait floats to the surface, it will mean the end of a fishing trip.Mobfish Hunter

Explore the 4 seas

Perform the task of hunting Mobfish in the quarantine area of ​​the game Mobfish Hunter. Divided into 4 different seas. Includes industrial bay, skull island, icy island, and deep water hole. In each sea, many different species have evolved. At the same time environmental conditions and sea levels with different depths. Along with that are the dangers hidden in the process of hunting fish. Start your journey from the industrial bay, completing each Mobfish hunting challenge in turn. Gradually you can reach the next seas and have the opportunity to explore them all.Tai Mobfish Hunter

Over 110 levels with increasing challenge

Through the seas will open more than 110 levels of hunting Mobfish. In each level takes place a fish hunt in the ocean. The goal is to drop the bait into the sea with the deepest possible water level. At the same time, catch as many fish as possible after launching the weapon from the bottom up. After finishing a level, the achievement will be based on the score. At the same time, you will receive a bonus in the amount corresponding to the achievement achieved. Continuing to the new level, the difficulty of the task will increase. With many changing elements to challenge your skills during the mission.

Use utilities

The process of dropping bait into the sea can use different utilities. Includes the increased ability to drop bait to be able to reach depths with a greater number of meters. Increase bait drop rate faster to shorten waiting time. Especially use lights with the ability to illuminate murky waters. Help you observe to detect the Mobfish around. From there, you can dodge them to continue dropping the bait deeper. However, it should be noted that each utility has a limited number. Therefore, it must be used for the right purpose and in the necessary conditions.Mobfish Hunter

Go through the fishing levels of the game Mobfish Hunter. Will earn a lot of gold coins bearing the Mobfish symbol. They can be used for shopping and trading. Unlock new lures with special abilities to catch a variety of fish in the seas. Start the game with the rocket launcher. It is later possible to unlock bait that can rotate blades, fire bullets, and even seek out heat. Depending on the type of bait, it will bring its own advantages in the hunt for aggressive fish.

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