MMX Hill Dash 2 18.00.1347900000 MOD Lots of Money APK
MMX Hill Dash 2 MOD APK 18.00.1347900000

MMX Hill Dash 2 18.00.1347900000 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name MMX Hill Dash 2
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Hutch Games
Size 95MB
Latest Version 18.00.1347900000
MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked
Category Racing
Price FREE

Continuing the monster truck racing content of publisher Hutch Games. Continue to the second part MMX Hill Dash 2 to participate in off-road races. With many new and improved features to increase the attractiveness for players. From graphics simulated in many different environments with sharp and realistic image quality. Until the sound effects are designed to be lively. Along with that is the unique and outstanding simulated monster truck system. Through the above features perform tasks at each level. Here you also have to compete with other opponents in PvP gameplay. With a combination of realistic physics on racing tracks. Aim to achieve excellence to rise up the leaderboard.

Introduce about MMX Hill Dash 2 – Offroad Racing In Offroad Driving Game!

Similar to the previous section about driving mechanics are simulated visually. With two icons of the brake and gas pedals displayed in the two corners of the screen. You just need to touch and hold to operate the vehicle. Accordingly, if you want to increase the speed, you will have to press the accelerator pedal displayed in the right corner of the screen. Conversely, if you want to slow down or stop the car, you will have to press the brake pedal. Depending on the situation that occurs during off-road driving. Thereby flexibly combining the throttle and the brake to control the vehicle stably. To overcome all obstacles to reach the finish line. Look at them for the simply designed steering mechanism. Helps you focus on operating the car when moving instead of taking time to get used to the control mechanism.MMX Hill Dash 2

Real-time PvP competition

Off-road races will be held at each level. At each level opens a real-time PvP competitive race. You and another opponent will control their own monster truck. Drive on two parallel tracks and reach the final destination. Based on the rules of the game’s winning and losing classification. Whoever reaches the finish line with the lead and in the fastest time wins.

To complete the mission at a level need to overcome all obstacles and reach the finish line. Then the system will unlock a new level for you to continue participating. Challenge your off-road skills with other opponents on the road. From there, prove yourself as a professional offroad racer.Game MMX Hill Dash 2

Fuel consumption

The process of the offroad race in MMX Hill Dash 2 will have many different activities. According to the distance traveled expressed in meters. The amount of fuel will be consumed gradually over time and distance traveled. If it is not possible to drive to a refueling station on the road, this is indicated by the tank. That will make your vehicle unable to continue moving and be destroyed. Cause the race to end and have to start again from the original starting point of the participating level.Tai MMX Hill Dash 2

Collect coins with offroad symbols

The course takes place in a monster truck driving race that competes with opponents. There is also a chance to collect coins bearing the offroad vehicle emblem. They appear along the path of travel. Not only that, but it can also appear in higher positions than the vehicle. This makes it difficult for you to collect because if you move in the normal way, you will not be able to reach it. Accordingly, it will have to take advantage of the terrain and the power of the vehicle to increase speed. Make the vehicle fly into the air to touch the coins. Try not to miss and collect as much as you can. From there, use it for unlocking and upgrading activities.Introduce about MMX Hill Dash 2

Many monster trucks

Vehicles in the game are all monster trucks. Used for off-road missions. These include The Monster, The Micro, The Buggy, The Tank, The Supercar, The Quad Bike and The Amphibian and many more. Each car is designed with impressive styling. Shown by its enormous size and large wheels. Wear different styles such as pickups, four-wheeled motorcycles or even tanks. The difference between the cars is also reflected in the performance. It is evaluated in detail through technical parameters such as speed, stability, ruggedness and traction of the tires.

Through competitive PvP races against opponents in offroad style in MMX Hill Dash 2. There will be opportunities to race in many different locations. These include mountains, ice, coast, and desert locations. In each location, the environment and weather conditions are simulated. The difference is reflected in the terrain with difficult challenges. Examples include dangerous ramps, hill climbs, aerial bridge detours, and rough roads.

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