MMX Hill Climb 1.0.13036 MOD Lots of Money APK
MMX Hill Climb MOD APK 1.0.13036

MMX Hill Climb 1.0.13036 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (19 hours ago)
Name MMX Hill Climb
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Hutch Games
Size 103MB
Latest Version 1.0.13036
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Racing
Price FREE

Get ready to participate in the races in the MMX Hill Climb game. Based on realistic driving mechanics that take place on rough terrain. No need to navigate, just press the accelerator and brake to control the speed of the vehicle. Conquer uneven roads to be able to move forward. The goal is to overcome all difficulties and reach the finish line. From there complete the race to demonstrate skill and experience. Here you can play in offline mode, completely free to join. Along with that are the unique features provided by the system. From a diverse vehicle system, all are offroad vehicles. Until the lively environment unfolds in many different terrains. Accordingly, it challenges the ability to cross the terrain.

MMX Hill Climb – Drive In The Offroad Race!

The content of the game revolves around off-road racing. Adopts horizontal viewing angle to bring unique observation. Accordingly, you will not have to navigate the vehicle, because there are no bends and turns. Instead, the challenge is from difficult and complex terrain. Based on a simple, intuitively designed control mechanism. You only need to use two operating features, shown by the brake and accelerator pedal icons. From there, it is possible to increase and decrease the speed of the vehicle. But controlling stability when operating on the road will not be easy at all. Because when offroad, the car can roll over at any time if it can’t keep its balance.MMX Hill Climb

Gameplay and rules take place

At each race opens a competition between you and other opponents. It takes place on two parallel routes. This means that the opponents will not be able to cause an impact or affect the opponent during the race. Accordingly, skills will directly determine the results. Based on the finish time, the driver who leads the way will win. Although the medium is one of the factors that give it an advantage. But still requires skills that need to be improved and honed over time. Because when racing will have to overcome difficult terrain. Drivers can overturn the vehicle if not controlled well. This will create an opportunity for the opponent to pass or leave far behind.Game MMX Hill Climb

More than 100 challenges

The MMX Hill Climb game unlocks more than 100 off-road racing challenges. Each race will be held on a track in difficult terrain conditions. Your mission is to compete with opponents in real time. Aim to get to the finish line as fast as possible. Finish the race with a stellar record, based on the time to finish with the number of meters covered. From there will win to complete a racing mission. Can continue to come up with new challenges to compete with other riders.Tai MMX Hill Climb

Collect fuel and money

The process of taking place off-road race needs to pay attention to fuel. Depending on the distance traveled, the fuel will gradually decrease until it is exhausted. But when you reach a certain place on the way, there will be a tank. Move precisely to refuel the vehicle, thereby continuing the journey. On the contrary, if you cannot move to the refueling point and are exhausted. Means the vehicle cannot operate. This will end the race midway, causing the mission to fail and have to start over.

Besides fuel, you also have to collect coins with offroad vehicle symbols. They appear along your off-road track. Try to collect as much as you can and don’t miss to accumulate. From there can be used to buy new offroad vehicles.Introduce about MMX Hill Climb

Diverse environments and terrain

Through off-road racing, challenges will have the opportunity to explore many different environments. Consists of volcanoes, deserts, cities, ice, snow, and big air. In each environment, different landscapes and weather conditions will be simulated. At the same time, the terrain will be designed in a variety of ways, bringing difficult challenges when moving. Examples include bumpy, hill climb, steep drift, roundabout, and many more. Not stopping there, every time it comes to the next race in a new environment. The terrain will be changed to more complex and will never repeat to challenge your skills.

MMX Hill Climb owns a diverse collection of offroad vehicles. These can be mentioned as The APC, The Classic, Micro, The Monster, The Trophy Truck, and The Bouncer,… There are many other vehicles to be discovered during the game. Each car is designed with a pitiful design, with outstanding performance. At the same time owns a set of specialized tires to move through difficult terrain. Moreover, it is possible to upgrade parts to improve offroad ability. Examples are speed, traction, stability and incline with clearance.

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