MMA Fighting Clash 2.7.9 MOD Unlimited Gold, Silver APK
MMA Fighting Clash MOD APK 2.7.9

MMA Fighting Clash 2.7.9 MOD Unlimited Gold, Silver APK

Written by Hai Nam (4 weeks ago)
Name MMA Fighting Clash
Requires Android 4.4
PublisherImperium Multimedia Games
Latest Version2.7.9
MOD Unlimited Gold, Silver
Price FREE

Get ready to participate in boxing matches in the MMA Fighting Clash game. Follow the action gameplay with role-playing elements. You will be with a fighter to develop your career on the way to becoming a champion. This is a game in the action category, inspired by the world boxing sport. Unleash 1vs1-style matches in the ring, taking place in an iron cage. Through real-time to compete until exhausted to find the winner. More interesting when participating in the game, you also experience many different modes. As well as having the opportunity to role-play as many boxers shaped in their own style. Along with that is the graphic design based on a sharp 3D platform.

MMA Fighting Clash – Join Boxing Fights To Become A Professional Boxer!

There are many different characters to choose from in the game. According to the information provided, there are more than 60 characters. They are all fighters like Fedor, Connor McGregor, Bruce Lee, Ronda Rousey, and many more. Each boxer is shaped in a different style. The difference between them is also reflected in the appearance, size, and type of boxing pants. Moreover, each boxer’s abilities will have its own strengths and weaknesses. Need to learn to overcome, in order to be effective during the competition. Besides, you can also customize the boxer according to your own style. Through parts like hairstyle, beard, body color, and tattoo.MMA Fighting Clash

Story mode

Develop a career in the game’s story mode. Open real-time matches. In each match in the ring, there is a maximum of 5 minutes countdown. Join a fighter you train to compete against another opponent. Use the skills learned to perform attacks. The act of punching straight, punching hooks, kicks, pointing sticks, knees and knocking opponents down. Each action performed correctly will cause the opponent’s health to decrease. At the same time, it is necessary to dodge attacks from the opponent to limit the amount of blood loss. Attack each move flexibly with high accuracy in turn. From there it is possible to defeat the opponent in the ring to win. Receive valuable rewards, corresponding to achievements.MMA Fighting Clash

Quick match mode

Come to the fast fighting mode of the MMA Fighting Clash game. Opening a dramatic battle between two boxers in an iron cage. But the gameplay follows a different theme, which is to play each opponent in turn until exhausted. Requires your skill and experience to perform offensive actions. In order to deal damage to the opponent to quickly drain their health. After winning will continue to compete with another opponent. The match will last until you are exhausted and unable to continue playing.Tai MMA Fighting Clash

Online multiplayer mode

Do you want to be competing with friends or online players? Come to multiplayer mode, but need to be connected to the network. Accordingly, it is possible to randomly compete with another player in the ring. Or challenge your friends to compete together. Here, each person will accompany their own boxer. They have rich combat experience. Will be shown during the competition in the ring. Moreover, winning in this mode also has the opportunity to increase the ranking on the leaderboard.

Challenge mode

Can you overcome the fighters to become the champion in challenge mode? Here will have to compete with each opponent in the iron cage in turn. The mission is to defeat all 7 opponents to be able to end the match. From there win and complete the mission to become the champion. At the same time, receive valuable rewards to use in trading activities. However, it should be noted the process of competing in challenge mode. After each defeat of an opponent, the lost health will not be restored.Game MMA Fighting Clash

To be able to become a professional fighter in MMA Fighting Clash. You can improve your abilities through upgrades. Accordingly, each boxer has stats including strength, health, endurance, speed, and defense. Through the use of money to buy power-ups and upgrade abilities. That will improve the outstanding indicators. For example, upgrading the power will increase the damage inflicted when hitting an opponent. The speed after being improved will move and move more flexibly. Or the upgraded defense will increase the stamina from the opponent’s attacks.

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