Misk Schools Quest 1.0.1 MOD Unlocked APK
Misk Schools Quest MOD APK 1.0.1

Misk Schools Quest 1.0.1 MOD Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 week ago)
Name Misk Schools Quest
Requires Android 4.4
PublisherSemaphore Lab
Latest Version1.0.1
MOD Unlocked
Price FREE

If you are bored with current survival games, you can try Misk Schools Quest. It is a survival action game based on a sci-fi theme. So it brings images, stories, and missions beyond your comprehension. If you want to explore them, you have to play as a robot agent. Your mission is to complete the assigned missions to restore the planet of humanity. Through missions, you will have the opportunity to explore every corner of the planet. It’s a modern and beautiful world depicted in top-of-the-line graphics. If you want to admire its beauty, quickly download this game.

Misk Schools Quest – The battle to restore the robot planet!

The game context takes place in the year 3020 when the earth becomes excessively polluted and people have to build a new city on the cloud. With the outstanding development of science and technology, people quickly find new ways to live in this city. Even humanity has created a team of robots to perform most of the services in life. Until one day, the robot’s control center system was infiltrated by a mysterious virus. They cause the robots to become unconscious and turn to attack humans. Under those circumstances, an agent named Misk 802 is nominated to solve this crisis. And you will be in his role.


Explore assigned missions

So your journey officially begins. In the first mission, you have to find the location of the commander to receive the next mission. Then, following the available instructions, you can go to the designated areas to complete the task. Your core task is to restore the program of infected robots. To do that, you will use a special liquid. But to disable the infected robot, you must aim and shoot accurately. At the same time, find a way to defend against the crazy robots. If attacked, you must return to the mission from the beginning. It will be quite time-consuming.

After each mission, you will get a new quest. Just like that, your journey is a sequence of tasks that complete the assigned task. But through each mission, the robot’s level will improve. So you will have a new strength threshold to be ready to conquer tougher challenges. However, the power of the enemy is also growing stronger. You need to keep a high level of concentration to smoothly coordinate movement and attack. Besides, through the missions, you will have the opportunity to explore many beautiful sceneries. Many mysteries will be revealed for you to better understand the origin of the robot virus fever.


Intuitive control mechanism

In terms of control mechanism, Misk Schools Quest is somewhat simpler than many other survival games. It includes a joystick to move and virtual buttons to perform aiming, shooting, sitting, jumping… Besides, the game allows you to switch first or third-person perspectives. In battle, you need to use the appropriate perspective and coordinate operations flexibly. Besides, prepare a wise battle plan to gain the advantage. If there are too many enemies at once, choose defense and raid instead of direct attack, and vice versa. Every action you take in battle is extremely smooth, providing an RPG experience that can’t be more real.


Large, detailed map environment

The game world is meticulously built on a large scale. It includes a lot of different areas and massive buildings. You will discover them through assigned quests. And you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of each project. However, there is a conspicuous drawback in the way this game’s map is built. Those are works that don’t have a high degree of interaction. For example, you cannot open doors, teleport objects, or pick up items available on the map. So, although very detailed and epic, the game map still lacks realism.


High-quality 3D design

This game is designed with high-end 3D graphics to clearly represent the sci-fi setting. It brings a large and magnificent open world with many different buildings and locations. In that world, the main characters are modern robots with detailed designs. You can feel the fantasy element through these images. Besides, the gamer’s experience is also carefully polished. Every movement, skill effect, and rotation angle are quite smooth, there is rarely any lag.

With the aforementioned advantages, Misk Schools Quest deserves to be the next game in your phone library. Just click on the link in this article to download the game and start exploring it. As a robot agent, you can explore everything in the newest way. Fight your way to complete every mission. And you will become the most commendable robot agent.

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