MetroLand 2.0.2 MOD Lots of Money, Energy APK
MetroLand MOD APK 2.0.2

MetroLand 2.0.2 MOD Lots of Money, Energy APK

Written by Hai Nam (19 hours ago)
Name MetroLand
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Kiloo
Size 96MB
Latest Version 2.0.2
MOD Unlimited Money, Energy
Category Action
Price FREE

Are you looking for a new endless running super product like Subways Surfer? MetroLand is the worthy answer for you. It is the next-generation running game designed with high-end graphics and an unprecedented range of new features. The game context also takes place in modern times, when technology and robots appear everywhere. But the map system is extremely diverse, allowing you to travel from prehistoric times to the future. Therefore, get ready with your flexible fingers to overcome all the craziest obstacles. The races are not only running but full of addictive action. Obstacles appeared in a rush with increasing speed. Will you overcome them all to make a record?

MetroLand – Endless running track with modern design!

Like other endless running games, MetroLand has no specific storyline. Immediately after downloading the game to your computer, you can immediately start a run with the only goal, which is to overcome obstacles and collect trophies. You will do it when you transform into a naughty boy being chased by the police. You will join him to explore the modern city in the parkour can not be more thrilling. Jump, slide, and act your way to the record in this parkour adventure. Don’t hesitate to climb the rooftops or go deep into the underground tunnels. You can enjoy these while offline. But the online leaderboard is always active for you to compete with your friends.


Enjoy the addictive running tracks

Click “Start” and run, that’s when your run starts. Your task is to control the naughty boy to overcome the obstacles on the way to escape the crazy pursuit. To do this, simply swipe your finger across the screen. Specifically, you will swipe right or left to change lanes, swipe up to jump, and swipe down to slide. This control mechanism is extremely familiar to you, right? But what you will face here is different. The challenges for you are unexpected cars, vehicles parked on the road, signs, roadblocks, and even display cabinets and robots that clear the way. Depending on the map you choose, the obstacles will change.

Besides dodging obstacles, don’t forget to collect loot for yourself. Those are precious gold coins and unique support items. Items will help you gain an advantage for a certain amount of time in a variety of ways. While gold coins will help you unlock more new items to use at all times during the run. At the same time, gold coins are also used to buy characters, helping you to renew the feeling of role-playing. Some maps also need to be paid with money to unlock. It could be a crowded street map, a prehistoric map with dinosaur models, a cool suburban map…


Unlock characters and support items

There are dozens of different characters that can be unlocked in MetroLand. The characters don’t have any special skills but with a fresh look and personality, they will keep you interested throughout the run. To unlock the character, you need to reach certain achievements and levels and must have enough money to buy. Meanwhile, support items can be picked up on the map or purchased directly at the store at any level. These are the following types of items:

Speed ​​shoes: This helps you run faster in seconds. It is quite useful for you to record distance, but you need to focus more to control the character when running at a faster speed.

Magnet: It helps you to suck all the gold coins on every lane without touching them.

Gloves: Give your character impossible powers. With two golden gloves, you can destroy everything in your path instead of jumping, sliding, or dodging them.

Drone: It is a modern pole assist device only available in this game. It will take the character to fly high instead of trying to run on the street full of dangers.


Enjoy the realistic and fresh design

This game is also designed with 3D graphics, like many other endless running games. But it brings modern images, symbolizing the metro city. You can find luxury cars, drones, super cool police cars, and a variety of other state-of-the-art equipment and vehicles. Character images are realistic and sharp, plus smooth motion. The collision effects on the running track are also quite vivid.


Because of the above, MetroLand will be the most interesting game among the new generation of endless running games. Get ready to enter the metro city with many new and modern things. You will join the fun characters to destroy the city by running and overcoming crazy obstacles. Your achievements can knock other people’s rankings, are you excited about that?

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