Metal Force 3.49.7 MOD Lots of Money APK
Metal Force MOD APK 3.49.7

Metal Force 3.49.7 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Metal Force
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher XDEVS LTD
Size 309MB
Latest Version 3.49.7
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Action
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Price FREE

Metal Force opens up fierce multiplayer tank battles. The game is played online mode. When participating will have the opportunity to compete with many other players. Through the random match mechanism to fight. With a combination of action and shooting elements in open play. Role-play as an army vehicle driver to participate in battles. Your goal is to survive on the battlefield while fighting the enemy forces. Beat them all to increase your ranking on the leaderboard. From there, win convincingly against the remaining opponents and receive rewards. Accordingly, the process taking place will be simulated in a vivid 3D space. With sharp picture quality and great sound effects.

Download Metal Force MOD APK – Real-Time Tank Battles

The tank control interface is simulated in an intuitive way. Similar to the games with the theme of shooting tanks. To be able to navigate and move on the vast battlefield. Players will use a virtual machine in the form of a joystick. This is the most familiar and suitable way to operate moving tanks. Next to it is a bullet icon showing the right corner of the screen. When touched, will fire to attack the target. But to be able to attack accurately it is necessary to adjust the barrel on the tank. By touching and swiping to rotate the barrel according to your designation. Besides, the game also supports many other features. Information display and minimap for you to observe more conveniently when fighting.Metal Force

Free mode for all

How do you want to participate in tank wars? Here the game offers two main modes, including free for all and team battle. In each mode unfolds a competitive attack according to its own play style. As well as setting out the rules required to be followed. Come to the free for all mode to compete with many other tanks. Without support from allies, will have to stand alone against all. Because each unit is a faction, it will attack each other in real time. During the 5-minute countdown to 0, the unit with the best performance will win.

Achievements in free mode are shown based on the result of the match. After finishing will show your ranking position compared to other players. Also based on the exact number of attacks, killed, number of enemies killed, distance traveled, and damage. From there will be rewarded with the corresponding amount.Ear Metal Force

Team Battle e

Follow the team mode of the game Metal Force. Promoting solidarity, requiring coordination between you and your teammates. Drive tanks together on the battlefield to fight the enemy forces. Come up with a strategy and deployment to be able to attack effectively. Kill the enemies one by one and make them perish on the battlefield. From there, increase the kill score of the whole party on the counter. Real-time and rule-based gameplay in team mode. End the battle with the score in favor of your side. From there will win to receive worthy rewards. Moreover, there is a chance to rise up the leaderboard to become one of the best units.Download Metal Force

Diverse tank system

There are many tanks provided for you to use in battle. For example Hawkei, ERC-90, VPK 3927, Draco, LAV300,… many more. The tank system is divided into two groups, including light and heavy tanks. Each type is suitable for use in different activities. For example, light tanks have the advantage of flexibility, used to scout areas. Or take advantage of the speed to attack and run away. Besides, heavy tanks with outstanding defensive advantages. Capable of withstanding many fierce attacks from the enemy. The difference between them is also expressed through the parameters. Includes armor, attack, reload time, and movement speed.Game Metal Force

To be able to own a tank in Metal Force requires trading. By using the accumulated money to buy. Or use the ranks earned after battles with excellent achievements to unlock. Moreover, it is possible to upgrade parts to enhance combat ability. Through the money obtained to upgrade guns, ammo, armor, engines, and wheels. Each detail when upgraded not only increases stats. It also provides superior performance to achieve efficiency in the competitive process. Besides, it is also possible to customize the appearance of the tank with different skins.

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