Merge Truck 2.41.00 MOD Instant level up, High experience APK
Merge Truck: Monster Truck MOD APK 2.41.00

Merge Truck 2.41.00 MOD Instant level up, High experience APK

Written by Hai Nam (15 hours ago)
Name Merge Truck: Monster Truck
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher NOXGAMES
Size 79MB
Latest Version 2.41.00
MOD Instant level up, High experience
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Merge Truck is a puzzle game, whose content revolves around the activity of merging monster trucks. Accordingly, you will become a driver and manager. The goal is to unite for development and to build a strong truck business. Dream of becoming a rich owner, owning valuable truck models. At the same time, creates an idle and automatic revenue stream over time. To make that dream come true, you will have to perform many different tasks. At the same time, it must go through a long process, requiring thinking and calculation. Furthermore, we must find ways to invest to achieve better results. Besides, the game can be experienced for free in offline mode. With many unique features waiting to be discovered.

Merge Truck – Puzzle to Build a Growing Truck Business!

LMHAPKSS‘s Merge Truck game is played in offline mode. With the combination of bright graphics, recreating a vivid environment. Opens up a typical scene in several locations in America. For example, grass racetracks, canyons, and more. The same lively effect after completing the integration of a new truck model. At this point, the system will recreate the merging process with lightning bolts. Paint bottles are sprayed automatically and the vehicle is fitted with many new parts. Besides, there is a combination of sounds throughout the puzzle-solving process. With echoes, musical notes are recreated with each activity. At the same time, it will be changed flexibly to bring an enjoyable experience. Over time it also helps you feel less bored.Game Merge Truck MOD

Puzzle gameplay at a racetrack

Based on the idle gameplay of Merge Truck. You will perform a puzzle mission at a racetrack. With a route designed in a loop format. In the middle are rectangular blocks, which are used to place trucks. Each square can contain one vehicle. Thereby, you will have to perform puzzle-solving actions according to the fusion mechanism. Perform tap and drag operations to merge two trucks of the same type and level. From there, a new vehicle of a higher level is created. Over time, additional rectangular blocks can be unlocked to accommodate more vehicles. As well as creating new truck vehicles. At the same time, constantly level up to unlock new features. Then the dream of building a growing business can be achieved.Merge Truck MOD

Gold coins and purple diamonds

Gold coins and purple diamonds are the two main currencies used in Merge Truck. Each type of currency is used for separate activities. For example, gold coins are used to buy level 1 trucks. As well as unlock rectangular blocks to increase the number of vehicles stored in the racetrack. Besides, purple diamonds are used to buy higher-level vehicles. Depending on each stage, you can buy trucks with corresponding levels. Accordingly, you can earn gold coins by moving your car on the loop route. Besides, purple diamonds are of a higher quality. Very difficult to earn, can only receive rewards or exchange for money. But the number of diamonds received is very small.

Task execution process

Start the puzzle mission of the Merge Truck game. On the racetrack, there are only 4 rectangular blocks, along with a sum of money provided to start your career. Therefore you will have to buy trucks at level 1. Merge them together to create higher-level vehicles. At the same time, after each successful merge, you will receive experience points. From there, you can accumulate to reach a new level when you meet the conditions. Over time, you can merge to create new trucks. At the same time, unlock more rectangular blocks when you reach progress and have enough money. The goal of developing the business’s career is to own many high-level trucks. As well as creating a stream of idle income.Merge Truck MOD APK

There are more than 50 different truck models offered by Merge Truck. They are designed in a cartoon style. Depicted eyes and mouth with interesting expressions. The differences between car models are shown in size, style, shape, paint color, and wheels. For example, tractors, cargo trucks, American tractors, monster trucks, concrete trucks,… and many more. Thereby, each type of vehicle can automatically generate money in different amounts. Depending on each level, it will help you receive a large amount of money. Through traveling on the loop route, after completing a loop, you will receive money to accumulate.

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