Merge Grabber 3.6.0 MOD Free Rewards APK
Merge Grabber MOD APK 3.6.0

Merge Grabber 3.6.0 MOD Free Rewards APK

By Hai Nam April 20, 2024 (1 day ago)
Name Merge Grabber
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher VOODOO
Size 70MB
Latest Version 3.6.0
MOD Free Rewards
Category Action
Price FREE

Merge Grabber is an action game. Built on a fun animated 2D platform. Open up the combined shooting journey to increase the number of characters. Aim to create an army in large numbers to fight zombies. From there destroy all of them to win and complete the mission. Also, receive valuable rewards based on achievements. This game belongs to the genre of action games that combine shooting elements. Exciting matches take place for you to enjoy. But besides that, there will be many obstacles and difficulties to overcome. Requires experience to be able to flexibly avoid obstacles. As well as increasing the number to be able to build a powerful army and successfully destroy zombies.

Introduce about Merge Grabber – Recruit Soldiers To Fight The Zombies!

According to the gameplay taking place in the game Merge Grabber of LMHAPKSS. You will become the commander of a group of sniper units. On a straight road divided into many lanes. You will have to constantly fire to destroy obstacles and recruit new units. From there, increase the number of troops to be able to attack better in the next stages. The goal is not to reach the finish line but to end the journey. Instead, you will enter the arena to face attacks from bloodthirsty zombies. The mission is to destroy everything to reach a new land with many interesting things waiting ahead. At the same time demonstrate the skill and experience of a great commander.Merge Grabber MOD

Quests by level

Based on the content of the game Merge Grabber to perform a shooting mission. Through levels with challenging journeys. Each level opens a journey on the ocean. The role of the commander is to direct the units of soldiers to move. Do not stop dodging obstacles and move forward. Also, recruit more units that appear on the way to the squad. From there increase the number to fight against the onslaught from the zombies in the arena. After shooting down all will win and complete the mission in a level. At the same time, based on the achievement achieved at the participating level, the corresponding bonus will be received.Introduce about Merge Grabber MOD

Difficulty increases with many changes

Go to the next level of the game Merge Grabber. There will be many changes with increased difficulty. You face many challenges to be able to complete the mission. Thereby, from the starting point to the finish line to participate in the arena. The distance traveled will be longer than before, and obstacles will appear that will reduce the number of your soldiers. From there, there is not enough strength to fight the scary zombies. Or after entering the arena to fight crowds of zombies. They not only possess superior strength than before. But it also attacks fiercely, forcing soldier units to fire at maximum capacity. If you cannot destroy all the zombies, your army will fail and you will have to start over.Merge Grabber MOD APK

Recruit soldier units

The progress of the journey in each level of the Merge Grabber. To be able to recruit soldiers will have to bombard hexagons. Each block will have a specific number, and the soldier unit will stand at the top. It is necessary to shoot bullets to destroy, thereby recruiting soldiers and increasing numbers. Not stopping there, soldiers will be able to show their strength through levels. At the same time, they can merge with each other to reach higher levels. For example, recruiting two level 2 soldier units, after merging, will create a level 4 soldier unit. Or even levels 8 and 16. From there, you can increase your attack power beyond the next journey.

Green and red gate

There are many obstacles encountered on the shooting journey at Merge Grabber. In it, it is necessary to pay attention to the two gates displayed in green and red. Each type of gate will bring a unique ability when passing through. For example, the red gate will cause the number of minions to decrease with each calculation shown. Or the green gate will power up with many different items. For example, increase the number of minions by 2 times. Help the shooters to shoot spread to cause comprehensive area damage. Or shoot double bullets to double the damage.Merge Grabber MOD

Through the completed levels in Merge Grabber. The money you earn can be used to upgrade. Improved the fire rate of minions and the damage dealt with each hit. From there will increase the win rate higher in the following levels. But besides that, it should be noted that after each upgrade will need a more significant amount to perform in the next turn. But the opposite will help your army fight stronger.

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