Merge Gardens 1.28.0 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money and gems, free purchase APK
Merge Gardens MOD APK 1.28.0

Merge Gardens 1.28.0 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money and gems, free purchase APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Merge Gardens
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Futureplay
Download 424
Size 145MB
Latest Version 1.28.0
MOD Menu, Unlimited money and gems, free purchase
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Merge Gardens brings you to the magical world of nature where you can solve match-3 puzzles, design gardens, and uncover mysteries. It will captivate you with hundreds of fun and colorful classic puzzle levels. Moreover, there are hundreds of species of flowers, trees, and birds of natural beauty for you to discover in the garden. This natural ecosystem will become more and more alive and rich as your level progresses. Besides, many new areas open up, bringing new resources and treasures. Play hard to collect enchanting items and refresh your wonderland. The mysteries are gradually solved, helping you to write a great adventure story.

Merge Gardens – Puzzle and merge to grow the garden!

This game is not too new, but it still attracts a large number of players. It brings you into an exciting story to explore combined with easy-to-play traditional puzzles for relaxation. Therefore, this game carries the appeal of many genres. It is also designed with beautiful images, bright background, and soothing music. Therefore, anyone can easily access it from the first experience. Although it is a simple simulation game, there is a complete plot in this game. The magical land in the sky is slowly being forgotten by the toxic mists. You need to help it to restore its former beauty. You will do it by solving puzzles.


Enjoy the puzzles and design garden

Puzzle gameplay is nothing new to you. It includes hundreds of colorful puzzle boards with fruity items like apples, pears, lemons, flowers, and more. By swiping on the screen, you can match at least 3 similar items to score points. But plan your moves wisely to match bigger combos and create beautiful explosions. Besides, pay attention to the limits on the number of moves or the time. You can also use boosters to explode, clear, or change certain items for an even bigger chance to form combos. New levels will be more difficult but full of fun and impressive rewards.

Through the puzzle boards, you will collect unique items to decorate the garden. It can be planted like plants and flowers and animals like birds, butterflies, and magical creatures. You can also merge them to create more advanced plants and animals. Don’t hesitate to unlock decorations like monuments, buildings, and more. Mix things up your way to create a classic or modern garden of your choice. There is no limit to your creativity and passion for design.


Unlock new areas and mysteries

The world of Merge Gardens expands as the level progresses. Areas covered with fog gradually reveal themselves and bring in new unique resources. It enriches the natural ecology and topography of the garden from mountains and forests to rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and more. You also find new mystical creatures to continue to merge and upgrade the species in the wild. There are hundreds of creatures in 6 different areas to explore. In addition, there are objects that have been forgotten for thousands of years such as antique chests, falling stars, dragons, and mysterious eggs.

Along with the expansion of the garden area, many new stories and mysteries are gradually deciphered. It allows you to join and be a part of the mystical story and enjoy unprecedented landscapes. From a small garden to a magical creature world before your eyes, it is a long journey of design and exploration through hundreds of levels from easy to difficult. You also unlock more challenging new puzzle boards. It’s your chance to show off your match-3 and merge puzzle skills.


Colorful and bright design

The design style of the game is nothing too new. But it vividly depicts the poetic natural garden with many beautiful colors and details. You will feel like you are lost in a magical world. There, you’ll find flowers, trees, and all sorts of creatures from the common to the rare. Besides, you can play with colorful puzzle boards and eye-catching explosion effects. The game world is also getting richer, inspiring to enjoy for a long time.


MOD APK feature implemented of Merge Gardens

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money and gems
  • free purchase

All in all, Merge Gardens is a fun puzzle experience. It is not only a place to relax but also a place to provide endless inspiration for your creativity. Puzzle and design the garden your way by merging. It’s simple, but it’s an addictive mechanism. Discover it all in your experience here.

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