Merge Dungeon 2.8.0 MOD Unlimited Gold, Diamonds, Resources, Shopping Without Money APK
Merge Dungeon MOD APK 2.8.0

Merge Dungeon 2.8.0 MOD Unlimited Gold, Diamonds, Resources, Shopping Without Money APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Merge Dungeon
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher NANOO COMPANY Inc.
Size 62MB
Latest Version 2.8.0
MOD Unlimited Gold, Diamonds, Resources, Free Shopping
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Merge Dungeon is a role-playing game that combines puzzles. The content revolves around the journey of a group of heroes in the dungeon. Accordingly, you will have to fight a lot of different enemies and face challenges and dangers. Fight enemies and demons to get deeper into the dungeon. Aim to uncover mysteries and learn unknown secrets. Follow the game’s plot to lead a group of heroes on an adventure. You will have to solve puzzles according to the mechanism of pairing two items of the same type to upgrade. To create higher-level equipment with superior attribute stats. Thereby improving the fighting ability of the heroes, and helping them overcome difficulties in the journey.

Download Merge Dungeon MOD APK – Fight with a Team of Heroes to Explore Dungeons

Follow the puzzle gameplay to complete the quest to match items. Through the equipment of heroes with different levels. You will have to match two items of the same type and level to create a higher-level item. From there, improve the stats and attributes to equip the hero. In order to enhance their superior combat ability, can fight against fearsome enemies. Aim to go deeper into the dungeon to uncover hidden mysteries. There are different ways to get items here. Through unlocking, collect randomly from dropped enemies or gain new levels. From there will be received to proceed with the upgrade.Merge Dungeon MOD

Character system

The adventure in the dark dungeon is carried out by a group of heroes. Includes 3 different characters, that is mage, warrior, and hunter. Each character is uniquely shaped, which can be easily seen through the costumes, appearance, and weapons used. Accordingly, they possess their own special skills in the process of fighting the enemy. For example, magicians use a cane and a magic book to attack. The hunter is equipped with a rifle and fires bullets to deal high physical damage. Warriors are equipped with axes and shields with superior attack and defense advantages in close combat. Accordingly, all 3 heroes fight together to explore the dungeon. You need to strengthen their strength over time.Merge Dungeon MOD

Various types of items

Each hero in the game Merge Dungeon at LMHAPKSS can equip many different items. Includes main weapon, support equipment, hat, armor, necklace, and ring. Each item has its own stats. For example, weapons will increase the ability to attack, directly dealing damage. Helmets and armor not only help heroes increase their stamina but also improve their health. Or rings and necklaces will increase attack and health stats. There are some other pieces of equipment that you will discover in detail when participating. Besides, each piece of equipment can be upgraded to a higher level.

According to the information provided, the game has hundreds of different items. They are the equipment of heroes with their own types. Moreover, after merging two items to create the premium one. Along with the adventures of the heroes as they go deeper and deeper into the dungeon. Then it is possible to create new equipment, which is changed in color and shape.Tai Merge Dungeon MOD

Rules in the merger process

Through the operation of pairing two items to create higher level equipment. Each hero will have their own equipment for you to match and solve. For hunters, merging two guns of the same type will produce one bullet. Continuing to merge two bullets will create a cowboy hat. Then continue to match to get two hats that will create the outfit. In turn, gradually will fully equip the items. Likewise, mages and warriors are also merged to create items in the order. But it should be noted, to be able to fully equip the hero’s items will need a lot of different items.Download Merge Dungeon MOD

MOD APK Feature of Merge Dungeon

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Shopping Without Money

The process of exploring the dungeon at Merge Dungeon. The group of heroes will face a lot of different enemies. They are giant monsters, demons, and bosses. Each enemy will be uniquely shaped, with a scary appearance. The difference between them is also reflected in the fighting style. From attack action to stamina and health. Causes heroes to relentlessly attack in the face. Besides, when going deeper into the dungeon and reaching a certain stage. Faced with a boss whose fighting ability is far superior. Makes the group of heroes difficult to defeat.

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