Merge Battle Car 2.40.00 MOD Unlimited Coins APK
Merge Battle Car MOD APK 2.40.00

Merge Battle Car 2.40.00 MOD Unlimited Coins APK

By Hai Nam April 10, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Merge Battle Car
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher NOXGAMES
Size 69MB
Latest Version 2.40.00
MOD Unlimited Coins
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Merge Battle Car is a place for those who are passionate about fighting cars. It has simple but fun gameplay and is attractive enough for you to play for a long time. Your task in this game is to build a giant car garage empire. To do that, you just need to merge cars of the same type to create tons of new cool models. Just like that, you can own a great collection of combat vehicles. You can also try them on an idle track to earn money and continue to invest in garage upgrades. You just swipe on the screen to do everything and even do nothing on the track. Your cars will show off their beauty and engine sound.

Introduce about Merge Battle Car – Merge cars and build a garage empire!

With simple gameplay mechanics, this game is a great choice for everyone. Especially, if you are passionate about cars and racing, it is indeed a destination that you cannot miss. Moreover, it is also a place for those who love the traditional “clicker” and “merge” styles. This game is built based on these two styles on a vivid 2D graphics platform. It will make you fall in love with its idle play mechanics and cool car collection. Don’t miss your chance to turn your empty garage into the most valuable garage in the world.


Fun merge mechanics

At the beginning of the game, you have an empty garage and a small amount of capital. You can use the money to buy some of the most basic cars (level 1 APK. They will then appear in your garage. Your job is to match these cars together to create new cars (level 2 APK. Next, you can combine level 2 cars to create even more advanced cars (level 3 APK. Just like that, you will have dozens of models in your garage. The higher the level of the vehicle, the greater the value. However, you need to unlock new slots in the garage to house your collection. Car expansion and merge take place simultaneously, from which you will turn an empty garage into a giant car empire.

So, what cars can you unlock and merge? This game will bring you hundreds of different car models like battle cars, neon cars, racing cars, sports cars, rampage cars, trucks, muscle cars, and more. They have a nice look and a different engine sound. If you want to explore them all, come up with an effective garage management plan. Match more to create more new car models, that’s the principle of this game. But if you want to match more, unlock more basic cars because everything starts at level 1. Moreover, you will need to expand the garage more.


Make money with races

After successfully pairing the cars in Merge Battle Car, you can try them out on the track. There’s a race track right next to your garage. You just have to let different cars enter the track and they will automatically complete their tasks. They will start from the starting line and go to the last point of the track. At that time, you will receive a bonus to your account to continue shopping and upgrading. Putting cars on the track is also a way for you to create more spaces in the garage to receive new cars. But beware, your track has limits. In other words, you can’t bring all the cars to the track.

Upgrade to boost profits

There are a few stats that you need to upgrade if you want to improve your garage’s profitability. Typically, it’s the Track Upgrade, Discount, and Nitro indexes. Upgrading nitro will help your car run faster to earn more money. The remaining indicators also affect the purchase price of the car and the efficiency of the track. To upgrade them, you need to use a unit called Tokens. To get this unit, you need to use the bonus to redeem it. You can earn bonuses from races. So take advantage of the track to upgrade non-stop.


Realistic and vivid 2D images

Not only possessing addictive idle gameplay, this game will make you enjoy it with its simple but vivid visual style. It depicts cars with a cool appearance accompanied by vivid color and lighting effects. Moreover, you can listen to the engine sound of each car on the track. It blends in with the great soundtrack and makes for a powerful symphony. For those who enjoy racing, this is something they cannot miss.

Overall, Merge Battle Car is an interesting puzzle game. It does not require too much manipulation and knowledge from you. But it will help you satisfy your passion for cars and racing. Merge your favorite cars to create even more cars. In particular, do not hesitate to try them on the track to earn money, from which you can upgrade and expand your garage empire.

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