Merge Ax 2.2.3 MOD Lots of Money APK
Merge Axe MOD APK 2.2.3

Merge Ax 2.2.3 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Merge Axe
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher PuLu Network
Size 60MB
Latest Version 2.2.3
MOD Unlimited Full Money
Category Casual
Price FREE

LMHAPKSS’s Merge Ax is an idle entertainment game. This is a game in the Casual category of publisher PuLu Network. Thereby opening up an exciting puzzle-style adventure. Revolves around fusing axes to grow your forge. From there, earn a lot of gold coins and constantly grow. Here you have endless possibilities, freely perform consolidation activities freely. Create new, never-before-seen axes. To increase the experience for all players when coming to the game. The developer has built more unique features around ax merging. Along with that, the graphics and sound system are optimized to suit the devices.

Download Merge Ax MOD APK – Developing a Forge from Ax Forging Operations

The gameplay of Merge Ax is very interesting. You will become a blacksmith to develop the ax forging area. Accordingly, you will start by buying some types of axes in the store. Then merge them together to create new variations. With a more prominent and unique depiction than previous axes. At the same time, from there you can also monitor the development of an empire that you are trying to build. With variations in the number of axes used to continue merging. At the same time, there is the opportunity to discover many new types of axes and receive bonuses. Since then, we have continuously carried out activities to develop further. Turn your small forge into a high-class place that can forge rare axes.Merge Ax MOD

Play mechanics

Based on the gameplay mechanism of the game Merge Ax. On a platform of the forge, display the squares. Thereby, each square corresponds to the location of an ax. Perform tap and drag operations to merge two axes of the same type. From there, create an ax with a more unique variation. At the same time, receive gold coins after each successful merge. In turn, at a certain time, the smithy can be upgraded. From there, increase the number of squares to accommodate more axes. Helps you grow and earn a lot of money.Game Merge Ax MOD

Buy an ax from the Shop to continue forging

Task execution process in Merge Ax. The number of axes will gradually decrease after each merge. So that work can continue to proceed. You need to use the gold you collect to unlock it. By touching the Shop to pay the fee, you will randomly receive a new type of ax you previously owned. Then continue to merge to create axes of the same type with higher levels. From there, many new variations of the ax will be forged, with differences and more prominence than before. Besides, you can pay a fee to buy a specific type of ax. But this will mean there is no chance of getting a higher level ax at the current smithy.Merge Ax MOD APK

Gift boxes and treasure chests

From time to time, ax forging activities take place at Merge Ax. You will have the opportunity to receive many attractive rewards. Thereby you can receive a gift box, which after opening will randomly receive a large amount of gold. Or even an ax of the same level as the highest grade available at the smithy. This helps you merge to create a new transformer without having to go through successive forging stages. However, the gift box can only be received when the conditions are met. Besides, during the forging process, chests will be unlocked. With greater frequency, they appear in certain squares of the forge. Similar to gift boxes, unlocking chests will give you a chance to receive gold coins and axes.

There are more than 50 types of axes

According to information provided by Merge Ax. Currently, the game has more than 50 different types of axes. The difference between them is shown through design. From the shape of the ax blade, size, and handle, to color. Along with that, patterns appear on the ax. Each type is recreated with outstanding depictions. Accordingly, you will proceed to forge one after another to create new variations. Gradually there will be an opportunity to explore all the game’s axes. At the same time, create a high-end smithy with a variety of crafting items.Download Merge Ax MOD

Merge Ax’s graphics are optimally designed. Set in the forge on a simple color background. However, the reproduction of the axes is strikingly designed. Just like treasure chests appear with many different shapes and colors. Along with that is a lively effect, each time merging to create a new variation of the ax. Lightning appeared and slowly merged two axes of the same type. After the light appears, a new ax of a higher rank will be created. To increase the experience, the game’s sound system is simulated according to each activity that takes place.

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