MemesWars 2 1.1.30 MOD Menu VIP, Godmode, Fly, Infinite Level APK
MemesWars 2 MOD APK 1.1.30

MemesWars 2 1.1.30 MOD Menu VIP, Godmode, Fly, Infinite Level APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name MemesWars 2
Requires Android 4.4
Latest Version1.1.30
MOD Menu, Godmode, Fly, Infinite Level
Price FREE

MemesWars 2 is an online survival game with multiple game modes. You’ll find a massive sandbox battlefield and multiplayer on every map. Your job is to defeat them to become the last one to survive. So do you have a strategy to achieve this goal? You can try dozens of different fighting styles with pistols or sniper rifles, cars, SUVs or tanks, and even helicopters. The game offers a variety of unique items in the store to choose from. Moreover, customize your character and pet with the most unique skins.

MemesWars 2 – Online survival in the sandbox world!

The battle royale survival gameplay is probably not new anymore, but MemesWars 2 will give you new inspiration. This game has online survival gameplay but has a sandbox mode and a fun visual design. Besides, it has many game modes, both allowing you to play single while allowing you to connect with friends and form groups. The game also has a unique item system in the store, helping you unleash your creativity. Don’t hesitate to design your character and stand out from the crowd.


Choose game modes

This game currently has 3 main modes, including Team Fight, Deathmatch, and Sandbox. Basically, these three modes have similar gameplay. But the Sandbox mode is for single players, while the other two modes allow playing with multiplayer. If you don’t like being alone, form a group with friends or join any available group. Besides, you can choose one of 4 available maps, including Farm, Town370, KidRoom, and Port. Each map is designed with its own terrain type. So explore them all to find new inspiration for your experience.


Join the online battleground

After choosing the mode, you will immediately join the battlefield. This is a large space with many buildings, details, and players. Your goal is to destroy other players and try to be the last survivor. This is not an easy battle when everyone has a weapon in hand. Moreover, if you play in Deathmatch mode, all opponents are online players. Be alert to everything around you and have a smart battle plan.

About the control operation, you just need to use the virtual buttons on the screen. Specifically, you need to click on the joystick to move, click the “arrow” to jump and click other buttons such as aim, shoot, and throw grenades to attack the target. Of course, you have to combine the above operations flexibly to adapt to many situations. Don’t forget that other players also have similar abilities. So, an effective battle plan and the support of your allies will give you the edge.


Design characters, unlock weapons

In the shop of MemesWars 2, you will find a variety of unique items. Specifically, those are skins for characters, pets, weapons, and vehicles. As for the character, you can customize the head, hairstyle, hat, eyes, mouth, clothes, shoes, and more. So what style do you like? Will you look like a serious cop or a cool killer? Choose the right customizations to create the character to your liking. Besides, you can also bring pets such as chickens, turtles, dogs, and cats…

In particular, the game will make you overwhelmed by the weapon system. It has dozens of different weapons from knives and chainsaws to pistols, shotguns, machine guns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles, … Each gun will have its own characteristics and let you try many styles. act. Not only weapons, but you also need the right vehicles for your battle plan. You will find many different car models from cars, racing cars, sports cars, muscle cars, monster cars, tanks, and more. Of course, you can also fly helicopters and spaceships.


Fun 3D graphic style

This game is built on a 3D graphics platform with a fun cartoon style. It is this design that makes the game close and friendly to all players. The large sandbox world is described in detail with many types of terrain from desert to jungle, farm, school, and seaport… All are displayed visually on the screen for you to explore and adventure. The combat effects and sound are also quite vibrant, giving you fiery survival battles.

MemesWars 2 will make you enjoy the battle royale style. This game is the ideal place for you to play with your friends in survival battles in the sandbox world. Design your character and choose your favorite weapons, vehicles, pets, and modes. Next, you will enter the battlefield and have the most exciting gun battles. And what is more interesting?

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