Mathmages 3.1.05 MOD Weak Enemy, 1Hit Kill APK
Mathmages MOD APK 3.1.05

Mathmages 3.1.05 MOD Weak Enemy, 1Hit Kill APK

Written by Hai Nam (7 hours ago)
Name Mathmages
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Flying Saci Game Studio
Download 17
Size 118MB
Latest Version 3.1.05
MOD Weak Enemy, One Hit Kill
Category Casual
Price FREE

Mathmages is a JRPG action game by publisher Flying Saci Game Studio. The game combines combat and mathematics. Thereby you will have to solve calculations in matches to fight enemy forces. With different calculations that change every turn. Requires accurate calculation to be able to give the most correct answer. From there, take action to attack enemies in the arena. Based on the content of the game, set in a large kingdom. With many locations opened in different lands. Therefore you will have to recruit magicians to face the challenges ahead with them. At the same time, perform assigned tasks according to the game’s plot.

Mathmages – The Journey of a Group of Mages in the Mystic Kingdom!

The setting of Mathmages unfolds in a mysterious kingdom. Follow the game’s plot to complete the mission. You will assemble a group of magicians to join the journey to rescue Tabu’Ada from the evil Somarum forces. Accordingly, you will have to fight dangerous creatures that appear in each match. Only after overcoming all and succeeding against the enemy force. From there, you can rescue the plot character to complete the mission. However, to do that will face many challenges. Not only against mystical creatures but also face the boss attack at several stages. Requires the power of magicians, as well as your calculations to be accurate.Game Mathmages MOD

Math gameplay

Based on the educational gameplay of the game Mathmages in LMHAPKSS. Revolve around basic mathematical reasoning to perform offensive actions. The process of the battle between the group of magicians and creatures will be recreated in turns. Each turn will be given an addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division calculation by the system. Thereby displaying a table of numbers to fill in the results. You will enter the number of the displayed calculation when it is your turn. After filling in the correct answer, each magician will in turn perform their own skill to attack the enemy. The battle will last until one of the two factions is completely destroyed first, the other faction will win. Therefore, to defeat a group of creatures, it is necessary to defeat them all through attacks.Mathmages MOD APK

Story mode missions

Take on Mathmages story missions in Story mode. Unleash levels of combat against creatures. You can gather a group of up to 3 mages to participate in battles. Face off against groups of magical creatures and attack each turn to solve the math problem. After defeating the enemy, you will win and receive rewards based on your achievements. Here your achievements will be proven through the number of stars. Accordingly, you can reach a maximum of 3 stars if you win excellently. Then the next level will come with new challenges waiting ahead. At the same time, there is an opportunity to explore new lands when reaching a certain stage.Mathmages MOD

Difficulty increases with many changes

The difficulty of Mathmages will increase after reaching the next match. There will be many changes that will make the group of magicians face many difficulties. Don’t just face other magical creatures. They also have improved fighting power. At the same time, the calculations displayed each turn will change. With complexity and difficult results, you may give the wrong answer. For example, in the early matches, only use some basic calculations. But later, the calculated numbers will increase. Not only the answer is positive, but it can also be negative.

Arena mode

The Mathmages game also offers Arena mode. Open up online matches for all players. Through it, you will connect to the network to meet other players. Bring your team of magicians to compete with opposing teams in the arena. Each person in turn will solve the math problem to perform the attack. The battle will last until one of the two groups of mages is completely destroyed. Thereby finding the winner and proving yourself.Mathmages MOD

Mathmages has many different mages for you to recruit. Each person is shaped in their own distinctive style. That difference can be easily seen through appearance, appearance, and clothing. At the same time, each magician will possess his own unique set of combat skills. Especially can equip items such as witch hats, magic wands, and signature costumes. In addition, in battles, it is also possible to use support items. Includes HP, MP and Green energy tanks. Each type will enhance the stats and improve the ability to be able to fight more effectively.

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