Marble ASMR 2.6.27 MOD Lots of Money APK
Marble ASMR MOD APK 2.6.27

Marble ASMR 2.6.27 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Marble ASMR
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Rollic Games
Size 164MB
Latest Version 2.6.27
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Casual
Price FREE

If you are looking for a simple casual game for fun, then Marble ASMR is an interesting choice for you. This game offers an infinite working marble machine. Your job is to control it and the balls to earn more money in real-time. How to control everything? You just need to touch the screen. This simple mechanic will get you into the game within the first few minutes. Moreover, the game will make you relax all the time with friendly images, soft colors, and delicate background music. Enjoy the addictive motion process on the phone screen!

Download Marble ASMR MOD APK – Casual but addictive puzzle gameplay

If the action or strategy games are stressing you out, this is a great place to relax. This game is nothing too special but highly addictive. In the game, you will own a machine that is operated automatically. Your job is to be the manager of this machine and make it more profitable. Don’t think this is too easy or too difficult. You only need a few minutes to get used to everything. But as the level gets higher, the job gets harder and harder. And you need a strategy to optimize every activity.


Control a stone machine

Your machine at level 1 has a slide, a tube, and a ball. This ball will automatically roll on the slide, go through the tube and generate cash after each cycle. With the money earned, you can spend it on upgrades. When you upgrade, you will create more balls, more slides, and more money. Just like that, the machine will become more and more modern and majestic. You just have to take the time to see its development in real-time. If you want to speed up the process, check out the small ads that are integrated into the screen.


Non-stop upgrading

What you need to do in this game is make the decision to upgrade. Your marble machine only grows more as it is upgraded over time. There are 4 important indicators that you need to pay attention to during the upgrade process, which are:

Add Ball: Just click here to add a ball to your machine. More balls will earn you more when the ball rolls over certain points on the slide.

Add Route: You will open a new slide and make the pipe longer. The balls will then roll in order from slide 1 to slide 2 and beyond. The longer the travel distance, the more profit is earned.

Merge Balls: This feature of Marble ASMR allows you to merge 2 balls together. The merging of balls will help the remaining balls have more space to move faster and more smoothly. You should only merge balls when there are too many balls on the slide.

Income: When you click on this stat upgrade, you will increase the profit earned by each ball as it passes through points on the slide. You should prioritize upgrading this stat at the first stage.

There is no specific upgrade strategy for every player. It is you who will come up with your own strategy. The goal of the upgrade strategy is to drive profits and develop the structure of the machine. You will have an epic machine when you reach level 10 and above. With owning a lot of money from this machine, you can shop to your heart’s content. There are many things to unlock from maps, skins for slides, pipes, and more.


Unlock new backgrounds

After reaching a certain level and profit, you have the right to unlock new contexts. The new background will bring you new images and change the color and shape of the slide, the ball, the pipe… This will give you new inspiration and motivation to work harder. There are dozens of backgrounds that can be unlocked after certain levels. Play more to level up and unlock your favorite maps.


Simple but impressive design

This game is built with a simple 3D design. The main character in the whole experience here is a machine with familiar components. It is designed quite simply, rudimentary but with beautiful colors. Along with that, the background with soothing colors will help you relax your eyes while playing. Moreover, the movements of the ball are very smooth and provide a relaxing feeling. Soft background music will also contribute to this experience.

Marble ASMR will satisfy all players, especially those who like minimalism. This game does not have fancy things or require superior strategy. Instead, it gives you a soothing, relaxing yet engaging experience. The gameplay is simple, just touch the screen to upgrade everything. There, you will witness the progress of the marble machine.

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