Mango Languages 8.28.1 MOD Premium Unlocked APK
Mango Languages MOD APK 8.28.1

Mango Languages 8.28.1 MOD Premium Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (5 days ago)
Name Mango Languages
Requires Android 7.0
PublisherMango Languages
Latest Version8.28.1
MOD Premium Unlocked
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Are you looking for a lightweight and fun language-learning app? Mango Languages is the recommended choice by many language learners around the world. This application owns a system of study programs designed by experts. In particular, it has language programs dedicated to each audience from beginner to proficient. Moreover, you can learn more than 92 languages in the world. Each language has a well-rounded lecture system accompanied by realistic images and sounds. As a result, you can develop comprehensive skills from listening, and reading to speaking and writing.

Mango Languages – Learn languages effectively!

Nowadays, learning foreign languages becomes much more convenient thanks to the support from tools, typically Mango Languages. This is one of the most popular language-learning apps in the world. The criterion of this application is “learning a foreign language is like an adventure”.

That is, you need to go through many stages from getting used to a new foreign language, practicing, testing, and gradually mastering it. Moreover, you need the excitement of your learning, it’s like your inspiration to start the adventure. Here, you will find a lot of lessons on a variety of topics in finding your favorite topic.


Supports more than 92 languages

So far, this application supports more than 92 languages, including English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Dutch, Danish, French, Croatian, Arabic, Finnish, and more. Therefore, whether you like Asian or European languages, you can learn with this application. Each language has its own interesting point because it is associated with the culture of each country. You will be exposed to these cultures through the contexts of each lesson.


Develop all skills

The important thing when learning a language is the comprehensive development of skills from listening and speaking to reading and writing. This app will help you get there with an ADA-compliant lesson plan. Specifically:

For reading skills: Vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation are very focused in this application. You can learn many words at the same time with effective learning methods such as learning through pictures, learning through specific contexts, learning synonyms/antonyms, etc. The learned vocabulary will be saved for you to easily check study and practice. Furthermore, in a given sentence, you can touch each word to hear its pronunciation. This feature also helps you to improve your speaking.

For listening skills: All sentences and paragraphs in each lesson of Mango Languages are accompanied by audio. These audio clips are all recorded by native speakers. Therefore, you will easily hear the pronunciation of sentences and words so that your ears can get used to the foreign language.

For speaking skills: Voice recording feature here will help you improve your speaking. For example, you can simply turn on the “record” feature, say a word or sentence, then listen again. You can also compare your recording with the original (native speaker APK audio. The application will score your pronunciation based on this comparison. Not only do you need to have the same pronunciation of each word, but you also have to have good intonation.

For writing skills: When you learn a lot of vocabulary, your writing ability will gradually improve. Furthermore, the app frequently gives sentences instead of single words in the lesson. As a result, you will learn how to form sentence structure or grammar. Good grammar is an important factor to help you write well and express the meaning you want.


Personalized learning profiles

Each user will have a personalized learning profile. This profile will record your learning and suggest appropriate lessons. For example, if you are at the beginner level, you will have easier lessons to get used to a foreign language. Conversely, if you are at a higher level, the lessons are also more in-depth. Of course, according to the learning path, the lessons will become increasingly difficult and compatible with your progress.


Exercises, tests, and statistics

Besides lessons, the app is full of exercises and regular tests. After each lesson, you will receive quizzes to review vocabulary and pronunciation. In addition, you can take additional periodic tests to test your ability after a period of learning a foreign language. Statistical reports will show you learning history and achievements over time.

In short, Mango Languages will help you learn foreign languages better at home. This app can work even offline so you will have the opportunity to learn wherever you are. Take advantage of the lessons here to develop the four most important skills. You will know your progress through visual statistics.

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