Man or Vampire 1.6.2 MOD Menu VIP, Immortal, Onehit APK
Man or Vampire MOD APK 1.6.2

Man or Vampire 1.6.2 MOD Menu VIP, Immortal, Onehit APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 week ago)
Name Man or Vampire
Requires Android 5.0
Latest Version1.6.2
MOD Menu, Immortal, Onehit
CategoryRole Playing
Price FREE

Man or Vampire is an adventure role-playing game built on an interesting fantasy storyline. Entering the game world, you will be immersed in the mystical environment known as paradise, inhabited by spirits from the dead. There, you will transform into one of the heroes leading the way in the fight against the vampire forces that are plotting to destroy the heavens. You will not be alone, instead, you can look for allies to accompany you and fight. The battles take place in turn with simple mechanics but have a high strategic element. They get more and more complicated as you go deeper into the random dungeons on the map. Upgrade your hero to go even further and discover more.

Man or Vampire – Mysterious adventure in paradise!

At the beginning of the game, you can create your own character. The game will then lead you into a story world led by a spirit known as a Guild. You quickly realize you’re dead and in heaven. But it doesn’t mean the end, this is the time to start a second life. You are told about the happenings in heaven and the existence of brutal vampires trying to destroy the world. With no other way to escape responsibility, you will set out to find your enemies and protect your own paradise. You will not be alone in that journey. Other powerful souls will join you in battle and explore through many of the darkest dungeons.


Join turn-based battles

Starting from the starting line, you will be guided through many places. During that journey, you need to find valuable items in exchange for resources, weapons, and enhancement items. Those are the things needed to upgrade the hero’s fighting ability. And the battles are the place for you to test their ability. Somewhere along the way, you will encounter monsters from the ground. Your job is to defeat them in your turns. On each turn, you have 3 main choices, move, heal and attack. Choose a reasonable action strategy depending on the situation to keep your HP while defeating the enemy. After each fight, you will open up new quests to keep exploring.

During your journey, you will meet other spirits. They will suggest you many things to better understand the game story as well as what is coming. The dialogue between the characters is carefully built to make it easy for you to approach. Each character has different characteristics and backgrounds, but can all become your new companion. In the battle, you can arrange the squad as you like before joining the battle. Combine heroes like a gunner, support, mage, and more in the most logical way and control them wisely to win.


Explore the hero system and locations

At Man or Vampire ‘s store, you can find many unique things. In it, the character system is extremely unique ranked by the number of stars. The more stars heroes have, the more expensive they are, but the more valuable they are. If you unlock them, you can role-play them on an upcoming journey or bring them into your story. Besides heroes, you can also find other useful items, mainly boosters to upgrade characters. You also need to improve the level of heroes to gain better power as the battles become more and more complex.

The game’s heavenly world is well-built with different randomly generated dungeons. The NPC characters and quests will lead you through each place and uncover all the mysteries in this world. In each place, you will have the opportunity to encounter many new enemies. It can be small monsters, poisonous spiders, mutant plants, vampires, and even the lord of hell. They appear out of nowhere and present your team of heroes with a variety of threats. To fight them, you need to find many useful supplies and equipment, and of course a wise battle strategy.


Beautiful design, catchy music

This game has a different graphic style, both classic and new, and has a strange mystery. Character images are beautifully designed in 2D and 3D formats. Although they are simple but diverse, each person has a unique look and set of skills. Besides, the game world is extremely large, including many different contexts, locations, and buildings. The music is soft but engaging, creating a strong attraction to bring you into an irresistible adventure experience.

All in all, Man or Vampire is the perfect immersive experience. It will make you fall in love with its classic and engaging role-playing gameplay in a mystical setting. You will have the opportunity to explore dark dungeons, meet trusted companions, encounter many monsters and uncover all sorts of interesting mysteries. Listen to the conversations to understand things better.

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