Major Mayhem 14 MOD Lots of Money APK
Major Mayhem MOD APK 14

Major Mayhem 14 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name Major Mayhem
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher [adult swim] games
Size 42MB
Latest Version 14
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Action
Price FREE

Major Mayhem will take you to dramatic shooting wars with simple mechanics. You will play as an agent sent to rescue hostages and fend off agile ninjas. Just click precisely to finish the targets and go deeper into enemy caves. This is the time to show your shooting skills like a pro spy. But the challenge for you will be increasingly fierce and you need to upgrade to progress more and score more points. Shop for upgrades for your agent so he always starts the match with a good edge. The future of the world is in your hands. Are you ready to explore missions and save the world?

Introduce about Major Mayhem – Fast-paced shooting wars!

You’ve probably heard of Major Mayhem, but let’s explore more of it. This game is inspired by the image of military spies – who do not hesitate to sacrifice for others. Join the game, you will play such a spy but in the form of a rookie. You need to start training through the levels to upgrade your strength, gain experience, and gradually unlock new weapons. In each level, your opponent is a ninja with agile manipulation and skillful dart skills. If you get hit, you need to start over from the starting line. There are dozens of levels and hundreds of achievements to hunt for rewards. Don’t hesitate to enter this challenging spy training course.


Explore dozens of modes and missions

This game has a total of 4 game modes, 45 levels, and more than 100 achievements. Specifically, you can find the most basic mode, Classic, where you follow a story through levels with increasing difficulty over time. Besides, in Timebomb mode, the weapons you can use are bombs with great damage. In addition, the game also has Arcade and Survival modes with their own rules worth exploring. However, if you want to unlock modes other than Classic, you need to reach a certain number of kills. So you always need to start in this mode to hone your skills and unlock new modes once you get really good at it. So the higher the level, the more unique content you can discover.

At each level, your mission is to kill the ninja to rescue the hostages. Your hostage can be a spy or scientist’s girlfriend and more. To save them, you have to overcome a few small battles at each level. In each fight, you need to act quickly to kill the ninja, while dodging darts to protect your HP. About how to play, you just need to click to select the target and release your hand to hide. But you need to know when to attack and defend depending on the situation. The battles will take place at a fast pace, so you may not be able to react in time. But with simple gameplay mechanics, it won’t take you long to master.


Unlock weapons, skins, and maps

You can find in Major Mayhem more than 20 unique weapons. Specifically, it includes pistols, rifles, miniguns, quadzookas, and even rockets. Each weapon has its own advantages and limitations. And you can rotate the weapons to deploy the action plan in each battle. Besides, don’t miss the collection of more than 42 different outfits to design your spy. Turn him into a super cool tech assassin, a leopard suit spy, a cowboy, or whoever you want.

Also, according to the level system, you can unlock new maps. The map system is themed, bringing you into beautiful and creative environments such as tropical, desert, street, metropolis, and more. Don’t miss the chance to explore the unique landscape of each place in your battle journey. The new maps also change the terrain of the battlefield and bring in more powerful ninjas. Pay attention to ninjas with red darts as they can deal massive damage. But you can also equip shields, boots, armor, hats, and many other good items to gain an advantage.


Enjoy the beautiful 3D environment

The game will impress you with its beautiful 3D design. Especially in the context of the battlefield is themed with vivid colors. Besides, the images of the characters look extremely funny and lovely. But gunshots, explosive bombs, grenades rain, and more will make you feel the real heat of the war. Shooting, hiding, and running are all very smooth, giving a real immersive feeling.


So, Major Mayhem can become your next favorite game on your phone. You will find hundreds of fast-paced shooting challenges in unique 3D environments here. Hit the target and finish off all the ninjas in your sight. There are dozens of upgrade possibilities for you to get better power every day.

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