Mahjong Forest Puzzle 24.0513.00 MOD Unlimited Life APK
Mahjong Forest Puzzle MOD APK 24.0513.00

Mahjong Forest Puzzle 24.0513.00 MOD Unlimited Life APK

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name Mahjong Forest Puzzle
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher BitMango
Size 74MB
Latest Version 24.0513.00
MOD Unlimited Life, No ADS
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Coming to Mahjong Forest Puzzle, you will have the opportunity to explore hundreds of fun Mahjong puzzles. It gives you great relaxation with simple puzzle mechanics and lovely pictures. You will meet funny animals like birds, squirrels and more. They need your rescue because they are stuck in unpredictable mahjong tiles. You will solve the puzzle to save the cursed forest. You just have to swipe on the screen to do it, but play wisely to clear all the mahjong tiles. Do you see the same tiles? Match them together to gradually clear the tiles and conquer the puzzle levels here.

Mahjong Forest Puzzle – Simple and addictive mahjong mechanics!

If you have ever played traditional Mahjong, you will feel the familiarity with Mahjong Forest Puzzle. But this game still has new points, changing the traditional mahjong gameplay. In the game, you will accompany Chipmunk Rolly the squirrel on his journey to rescue the forest. Her friends are stuck on Mahjong boards and only you can help them. So, your goal is to solve the puzzle levels. There are hundreds of such levels with difficulty increases over time. Make sure you can pass them all to score a record on the leaderboard.


Enjoy fun puzzle boards

At each level, your task is to clear all mahjong tiles. To do this, you need to match two of the same mahjong tiles to eliminate them. And so on, until you match all the same tiles, you will win a level and unlock a new level. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But when you step into the puzzle, you will see that everything is not easy. There are dozens of different tiles with a variety of textures, colors, and themes. So if you don’t have good observational talent, you’ll miss out on many of the same combos. Besides, this game allows you to match two tiles with the same theme. Therefore, the difficulty of the game is even higher than the traditional Mahjong gameplay.

Accordingly, you can match two identical mahjong tiles or two tiles with the same theme. For example, you will match tiles of the same theme such as weather, animals, fruits, flowers, and more. To know the theme of each tile, look at the pattern engraved on it. Textures such as the sun, wind, rain, and ice… will belong to the theme of Weather. The motifs show different types of flowers that belong to the Flower theme. Just like that, you will find dozens of valid combos in each puzzle board to clear them and score points. Your goal is to complete the level with up to 3 stars.


Unlock useful support items

Mahjong Forest Puzzle gives you many great boosters to solve puzzles faster. They can be unlocked when you reach a certain level. You can also use bonuses and stars to unlock more items. It could be:

Flashlight: This is a tool that helps you shine a light on mahjong tiles to highlight certain rows.

Shuffle: It helps you to change and shuffle the position of mahjong tiles on the puzzle board, thereby opening up new puzzle directions.

Light Bulb: This tool gives a hint for two matchable mahjong tiles. You just need to touch this icon to see two highlighted tiles on the puzzle board.

Bomb: It helps to destroy some tiles to reveal new tiles in the layer below, thereby opening many interesting suggestions.


Design your pet

With the bonus (number of beads APK obtained after each puzzle level, you can shop to design your lovely squirrel. Accordingly, you can unlock hats, beard styles, closed eyes, pants, tops, skirts, and bags. Combine options together to make your pet look cooler or cuter. She will also be happy to have new clothes and accessories. And you will be more than happy to accompany your pet’s new look to new levels.


Funny pictures, eye-catching effects

This game is quite suitable for the hobby of many gamers, not only because of the gameplay but also in the graphic style. It depicts images of animals and plants that are quite adorable and fun. Mahjong puzzle boards are always colorful and visually displayed on the screen. The puzzle effects are equally great, making every touch on the screen extremely eye-catching. In addition, cheerful music also contributes to your relaxation while playing.

So, do not hesitate to download Mahjong Forest Puzzle to your phone. It is free and has every level available for you to unlock from time to time. Immerse yourself in moments of great relaxation with Mahjong puzzle boards. You will match mahjong tiles to score points and unlock many new skins. Moreover, you can compete with your friends with your achievements.

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