Magic Archer 0.331 MOD Menu VIP, 99999+ Gems, 1Hit, Auto Kill, God e APK
Magic Archer MOD APK 0.331

Magic Archer 0.331 MOD Menu VIP, 99999+ Gems, 1Hit, Auto Kill, God e APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Magic Archer
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Kometa.Games
Size 151MB
Latest Version 0.331
MOD Menu, 99999+ Gems, Onehit, Auto Kill, God Mode
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Are you ready to be the hero and save the world? Magic Archer is the place for you to do this. The game will take you on an endless role-playing adventure with a series of battles. Your mission is to defeat the crazy monsters coming from the gates of hell. To do that, just swipe your hand on the screen to move the hero. Simple mechanics like this will get you into the game within the first few minutes. But the challenge for you is increasingly difficult with an increasingly powerful enemy system. Do you want to confront the legendary boss? On some levels, bosses will cause you many difficulties.

Download Magic Archer MOD APK – The battle against dark monsters

The game context takes place in the epic world in the darkest period. At that time, evil forces and terrible monsters rose from the dungeon and spread fear in the world. In that context, you are the one chosen to be the savior of the world. Your task is to play the role of a hero, fight to destroy monsters, and explore the world of dungeons. It’s an endless role-playing journey with hundreds of challenges. Thereby, the game will train you from an inexperienced hero to a legendary warrior.


Join the endless battle journey

Your battle with the forces of evil will go through hundreds of different dungeons. In each dungeon, you must defeat all the enemies if you want to move on and explore other places. To fight, you just need to implement the typical click-and-drop mechanism. Specifically, click to move the character and release to let the hero automatically attack the target. Your hero will have a certain attack range. Therefore, you need to move him skillfully to reach the target, while keeping his HP at a stable level. Moreover, you have to move to dodge attacks from enemies.

Just like that, you will go through the levels and meet many enemies. The enemy system becomes more and more diverse, challenging your patience and flexibility. They can be small, weak monsters, but they can also be huge bosses with high HP. Besides, enemies also have many types. There are monsters that will stay in one place, while others have fast movement speed. Some species will have an advantage in HP, while others will possess great damage. You need to distinguish the type of monster to choose a priority target and have appropriate treatment.


Upgrade your hero your way

Magic Archer offers two typical forms of upgrades. Firstly, in between levels, you will get 3 upgrade options. It can be upgrading skills, changing attack forms, adding HP, improving speed, adding stun effects… You have the right to choose one of these upgrades to take advantage of at the next level. Besides, after a certain number of levels, you will get big upgrades from legendary characters.

Second, you can upgrade your hero with the equipment system. Your hero has up to 8 equipment slots, allowing additional weapons, chains, gloves, armor, items, and pets. Accordingly, weapons will have types such as bows, darts, hammers, and many others. Support items are equally diverse when there are types such as damage upgrades, HP upgrades, and more. Especially, you can bring 2 pets at the same time. Those are small demons that are able to assist you in battle. Choose the right things and equip the hero.


Go through various dungeons

The diverse dungeon world will give you a sense of adventure. It consists of different areas designed according to the theme, thereby providing an endless sense of freshness. Each dungeon area will have its own color, terrain, and enemy system. You don’t need to spend money to unlock them, instead, the game will automatically change the battlefield scene after a number of levels. The further you go, the more areas are unlocked. Since then, the system of monsters and upgrades has become more and more diverse.


Enjoy the eye-catching battles

The important highlight of the game is the skill effects on the battlefield. They come from the attacks of heroes and monsters, giving the great appeal of all wars. Besides the combat effects, the sound effects are equally vivid. Moreover, the hero and monster appearance is well designed. There are hundreds of different monsters with creative shapes. Discover all of this in your own experience.

The hero’s adventure has officially begun in Magic Archer. Are you ready to join it? Play as a hero and fight your way. If you are brave and talented enough, you will soon become a legendary hero. There are hundreds of different items to aid you in the battle. Unlock them all and add equipment slots to upgrade your hero. The greater the power, the longer your journey.

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