Mad Zombies 5.35.0 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money gold, onehit, god mode, ammo, esp APK
Mad Zombies MOD APK 5.35.0

Mad Zombies 5.35.0 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money gold, onehit, god mode, ammo, esp APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Mad Zombies
Requires Android 4.4
Size 98MB
Latest Version 5.35.0
MOD Menu, Unlimited money gold, onehit, god mode, ammo, esp
Category Action
Price FREE

Mad Zombies is an open-world first-person shooter game full of zombies. Now is the time to test your survival skills in hundreds of the most intense shooting missions. The crazy zombie system with the upgrade in combat ability and appearance will make you stand still. They are getting stronger and stronger, requiring advancement in both your skill and experience. Destroy them or you will die from just one zombie bite. Take advantage of the weapons you have from guns to grenades. Moreover, don’t forget to upgrade weapons to improve the speed, damage, and accuracy of each shot. This is a perfect 3D offline game, so you can play it anywhere after one download. What are you waiting for?

Introduce about Mad Zombies – Offline zombie shooter!

The war with zombies has never been as fierce as in this game. It takes you on an unprecedented adventure as a real zombie killer. The game context takes place in a post-apocalyptic time when everywhere is surrounded by corpses and burning fire. The human apocalypse is near, but some survivors are trying to regain control of the world. You are one of them who hold the right to decide your own life. Will you finish the fight with victory? The challenge is increasingly complicated as zombies are significantly upgraded in skills and destructive power. Practice accurate shooting to finish the frantic targets aimed at you.


Show your survival talent

The game has more than 200 different missions for survivors. In each mission, your job is to kill zombies to survive, receive rewards and unlock new journeys. To do that, you need to master shooting skills. No need to move, simply stand still and shoot. This mechanism helps optimize control operations when you play games on mobile. But it also poses a challenge for you to survive in the open world full of enemies. You need to know how to prioritize targets to protect your HP. Don’t let the zombies get too close to you, or you’ll die as soon as they touch you. Besides, aiming skill becomes the most important factor. You need to aim accurately and shoot repeatedly to destroy as many enemies as possible.

But the number of ammo is limited in each mission. Therefore, you need to know how to optimize efficiency in each shot. Headshots will be much better than other shooting methods. At the same time, grenades also become a powerful weapon to destroy a large number of enemies and save your ammo. Besides, you also need first aid boxes to heal in case of an emergency. Make good use of these to survive in any situation from roads and cities to cars, factories, and more.


Unique zombie and weapon system

The most impressive highlight in Mad Zombies is the zombie system. It is carefully built to give you the best quality challenges. Unlike other games of the same type, this game brings crazy zombies with terrible destructive power. Moreover, they are not as stupid as you think. They live in groups and know how to organize fights in a war. So you need perfect plans to fight them and survive. In particular, you will encounter zombies everywhere. They always go in large groups, not sporadically. Besides normal zombies, you also have to fight unprecedented powerful bosses.

To fight zombies, you cannot lack weapons. The game gives you a variety of unique guns to choose from, including rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, and more. Each type of gun has different stats in terms of damage, rate of fire, accuracy, stability, and clip size. You need to upgrade them regularly to improve these stats, helping to increase your advantage in battles. Besides, you can also equip the necessary accessories for the gun.


High-quality 3D graphics

There is no question about the graphics quality of this game. It is designed on a high-end 3D background, for realistic images and smooth movements. From a first-person perspective, the game gives you a true role-playing feeling. At the same time, the perspective also helps you to see everything visually, so it is easy to enjoy the zombie look, shooting effects, and open-world scenery. The effects of bombs exploding, gunshots, trigger sounds, and enemy screams… are also vividly depicted.


MOD APK feature implemented of Mad Zombies

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money and gold
  • free shopping
  • onehit, god mode
  • Unlimited ammo, esp

All in all, Mad Zombies is a complete shooter title to play offline. Join it now to be part of the world’s last survivors gang. This is also the place to practice your shooting skills. A variety of guns are available to choose from, do not hesitate to use them for the zombie wars here.

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