Crazy Desert MOD Remove Ads, Free Rewards APK
Crazy Desert MOD APK

Crazy Desert MOD Remove Ads, Free Rewards APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Crazy Desert
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher 10k Riders
Size 281MB
Latest Version
MOD No Ads, Free Rewards
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Survival in the post-apocalyptic world is one of those fantasy games with compelling content. Come to Crazy Desert game to join the challenging adventure. Based on the role-playing gameplay combined with the turn-based attack mechanism. You will become a commander to recruit survivors. Leading them to participate in the war against scary zombies. Also, explore locations that have been destroyed after the doomsday catastrophe. What’s more, is to collect resources and valuable items. From there, enhance the fighting ability, and improve the strength of your forces. In order to overcome the increasing difficulties on the way to survival ahead. Conquer them all to survive in the apocalyptic world.

Download Crazy Desert MOD APK – Survival Adventure in the Post-Apocalyptic World

On the day before the disaster, flames from the sun collided with the Earth. That leads to climate change, with environmental conditions becoming more extreme. But that was only the beginning of the end of humanity. Entire civilizations with high-tech gadgets were shut down. Humans could not control it, so it led to destruction. This caused all the cities of the countries of the world to be destroyed. Not stopping there, in the process people are looking for ways to deal with the consequences. The US military’s artificial intelligence was activated automatically. From there launch hundreds of missiles flew to designated locations. Make the world enter the post-apocalypse.Mad Road Survival

Adapted to the environment

After the apocalypse is a whole new life. Humans will have to adapt to harsh environmental conditions. From the heat of the sun’s flames, radiation, toxins, and more. This creates an enormous challenge to survive. Play as a commander with the task of recruiting lucky survivors of the disaster. Form a group to work on tasks together. To conquer difficulties to find a safe place, the purpose of building a new life. Accordingly, there will be a lot of activities going on during the adventure. You will have to command the force to overcome many challenges. As well as constantly improving the ability to cope with all difficulties.Game Mad Road Survival

Build shelter

At Crazy Desert there are many different activities to perform. In it, it is necessary to build a safe shelter so that everyone has a place to rest. As well as collect more survivors to develop together. Create an impregnable fortress. Accordingly, the process of building a shelter will take a lot of time. To be able to expand the area, as well as unlock the equipment. It is necessary to use resources to proceed with crafting and building. At the same time, you will have to manage all activities in the shelter. Train the living to become mercenaries. Train them to carry out various tasks.Tai Mad Road Survival

Recruiting characters

There are many lucky survivors of the disaster for you to recruit. They are shaped in their own style, reflected in their appearance and appearance. At the same time, each person uses their own weapon to attack the enemy. For example shotguns, long guns, bazookas, snipers, and many more. The difference between them is also reflected in their own stats. You can find out the details when joining the game. Not stopping there, the weapon is an indispensable element in the survival adventure. Each person can also equip some additional items. From there will improve combat power to increase survivability.Download Mad Road Survival

Against many enemies

Fighting is inevitable in the post-apocalyptic world in Crazy Desert. On the journey of survival will face many different enemies. From bloodthirsty zombies with terrifying appearance appeared in spots. Until dangerous bandits aim to take your resources. When meeting them, they will have to fight, only when they destroy them all can continue the adventure. The difficulty will increase as you explore new lands. Not only facing enemies with superior abilities. In battle, their number may be larger than your party. This will bring many challenges, requiring strategy to lead the team to be able to defeat.

Battles will be turn-based. Your team can gather up to 4 people to fight the enemy. The process goes on, each person from each faction will attack in turn when it is their turn. Use skills in different styles to deal damage to the enemy team. After the entire force of either faction is completely defeated. The other side will win and end the match.

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