Mad Dex 2 1.3.5 MOD Lots of Money APK
Mad Dex 2 MOD APK 1.3.5

Mad Dex 2 1.3.5 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name Mad Dex 2
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher game guild
Size 42MB
Latest Version 1.3.5
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Arcade
Price FREE

Mad Dex 2 is the second part of the once-crazy Mad Dex game. It continues to be an arcade game with a familiar and classic scene style. But now you will have a new adventure to show your parkour skills. In that journey, you face off against the craziest enemies and the most challenging traps. By jumping, clinging to walls, and using weapons, how far can you go? Explore the most dangerous adventure roads and complete the hero’s noble mission. There are dozens of levels that make up your journey and story. What will its ending be? Play hard to compete on the leaderboard with your record score. The top 1 position is the most expected result.

Mad Dex 2 – Fun and challenging parkour journey!

If you played the first part, you will love Mad Dex 2, it’s the second part. This game is considered a heavy-duty arcade game because it offers tough challenges for anyone, even the best players. Your experience in the game is a journey of adventure and fighting against enemies. They kidnap your love and plot to destroy the city you live in. There is no other way, you have to play the role of Mad Dex to find the boss behind all these bad things. You must save your girlfriend and restore peace to the city. Do it with wise parkour maneuvers and skills and never give up.


Show off your moving skills

In terms of content, the game consists of 5 consecutive chapters spanning more than 75 levels. At each level, your mission is to overcome all dangers to reach the end, uncover mysteries, and open access to new journeys. To do that, you need to master the hero’s moves and skills. He can move forward, backward, jump, cling to walls, and use several weapons. Your job is to control him wisely by combining these actions. You will click on the arrow icons on the screen to move. But how you move is important. The pitfalls and enemies always appear randomly. They will challenge your keen observation and agility in each operation.

The higher the level, the harder the challenge. The hero’s running speed is many times faster, making you unable to react to challenges. This is what makes the game difficult and attractive. You must be a quick, sensitive and experienced person to predict bad situations. Besides, don’t miss the loot on your journey. It can be diamonds, gems, keys, and companions. You will need them for a variety of purposes, helping to upgrade heroes with new skills and weapons.


Creative adventure

Your journey in Mad Dex 2 is a never-ending adventure. At each level, the challenge for you is different and random. If you fail, you will play from the beginning in a completely new setting. The pitfalls in each level are very rich, such as the wheel of spikes, unexpected gaps, lava, rockets, robots, and more. They will make it difficult for you in many ways, requiring flexibility in how you act. Moreover, the further you go, the thicker the pitfalls will appear. And just one small mistake, you and your hero have to play again.

The gameplay mechanics are simple but the challenge is difficult. This is the addictive thing in this game. Besides the flexible change in the layout of the pitfalls, the game context is equally diverse. You will see your journey through many beautiful scenes on the 2D platform, from the forests at sunset to the city with tall buildings. In addition, you will encounter areas of lava or rising seawater, sometimes rocky platforms. The changing landscape forces you to change your strategy to adapt.


Simple and fun design

The game is designed on a 2D platform with a simple design. The game context will change flexibly through the levels, creating endless inspiration for gamers. Besides, the character image is small but detailed. Each of their movements is also quite smooth, creating a refreshing sense of adventure. Music also contributes to your every step. Those are catchy and mysterious melodies, helping you relax while doing parkour.

So, if you love the classic scene style, Mad Dex 2 will be a great stop. You will have the opportunity to explore the most difficult parkour levels, which are full of traps and enemies. They will test your acumen and help you train your concentration and judgment. Play it to see what your achievements are. You can also view other players’ achievements on the leaderboard.

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