Lucky BuddiesMOD APK 15.330.4
Lucky Buddies MOD APK 15.330.4

Lucky BuddiesMOD APK 15.330.4

Written by Hai Nam (17 hours ago)
Name Lucky Buddies
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Everybuddy Games
Size 94MB
Latest Version 15.330.4
Category Adventure
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Lucky Buddies unlocks interesting attacks. Revolving around random spin-style matches. With simply designed gameplay, but is highly addictive. The content unfolds according to a compelling story. When the heroes are celebrating their victory with the treasure chests they collect. The giant rat goblin piloted a flying boat. Move in silence and stop in the sky. Then used the hook to steal valuable treasure chests. As soon as the rat started to run away, the heroes discovered it. They attack to get the assets that they have spent a lot of time acquiring. Join the game, you will accompany the heroes in the matches. Defeat enemies to get the treasure back.

Introduce about Lucky Buddies – Gather Heroes To Reclaim Stolen Treasure!

Based on the plot of the game Lucky Buddies. Revolve the attack of heroes to reclaim the treasure. The mission system will take place according to each level of play. Each challenge in a level corresponds to a match. You will accompany the heroes to perform offensive operations. Through random rotation to get different items. From there will create waves of attacks to deal damage. After completing the mission in a level play. Overcoming challenges with excellent achievements. Can start quests in new levels. The difficulty will increase, with challenges harder than before. That difference is reflected in the strength of the enemy. Superior defense. Can withstand multiple attacks from heroesLucky Buddies

Turn-based gameplay, the process takes place

The gameplay of Lucky Buddies takes place in turn. During the battle will be in the style of random rotation. With 3 different cells for you to make your spins. A battle has a maximum of 50 turns. But not every match has a maximum number of turns to make. It is a huge challenge to be able to complete the mission in one level of play. Moreover, each random spin will receive different types of items. This means that there will be other activities that are reproduced in the match. Instead of continuously attacking turn by turn. You will have a chance to get gold coins. Or add more spins to increase your win rate. Depending on the random item received, the corresponding activities will take place. Take turns to complete each level in turn. From there will receive valuable rewardsIntroduce about Lucky Buddies

Various items

Lots of different items in Lucky Buddies. Includes red, blue, and purple gems. Green energy pot, magic hammer, pig, gold coin. Each item type corresponds to a unique ability. The stones carry the attack power of heroes. Depending on the type of rock you spin, the hero representing that power will attack the enemy. Likewise, the energy pot will be added spins. The magic hammer will activate the reward mode. Use to unlock chests and have a chance to collect coins and items. Through each spin, there will be many different random combinations. Depending on the arrangement of the system will create a corresponding activity. Especially when randomly rotating all 3 boxes on the same item. From there will activate the unlimited feature of the type of item you can spin.Lucky Buddies

The heroes

Go through matches in Lucky Buddies. You can recruit many different heroes. Assemble into a team of up to 3 heroes to join the battle. The goal is to defeat the enemy to regain the stolen treasure. Each hero has a unique ability. The difference between them is reflected in their appearance style. As well as a unique attack with corresponding power. Not stopping there, their strength will improve over time. Through participating in matches and winning. From there will receive bonuses to upgrade power. They are also equipped with additional items. Includes weapons, hats, shields, and armor. Each type of equipment has its own attribute. Can be upgraded to enhance higher attributes.Lucky Buddies

Gold coins and diamonds are the two main currencies. They are used in Lucky Buddies to perform trading operations. Through these matches, you will receive large amounts of gold coins. From there, use it to upgrade the hero’s equipment. As well as level up to improve their fighting ability. Diamonds are of a higher grade of currency. Complete the mission at a certain level. Through unlocking the treasure chest to get a small number of diamonds. Can be used to unlock some unique features.

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