Los Angeles Crimes 1.7.1 MOD Lots of Ammo APK
Los Angeles Crimes  MOD APK 1.7.1

Los Angeles Crimes 1.7.1 MOD Lots of Ammo APK

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name Los Angeles Crimes
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Mohammad Alizade
Size 31MB
Latest Version 1.7.1
MOD Unlimited Ammo
Category Action
Price FREE

Los Angeles Crimes is an action role-playing game inspired by the GTA series. But it is much lighter and still ensures that the most attractive features are available. This game is a place for you to transform into a street criminal. You can do everything here from carjacking, shooting, playing soccer, racing, and more. Everything is so smooth and realistic when you do it in the first and third person. Exciting action scenes like shooting and driving will come with vivid effects and sounds. Therefore, this immersive experience is more real than you think. It is even designed with a huge 3D open world in mind. So get ready for unprecedented adventures in your favorite car.

Los Angeles Crimes – Gameplay that simulates the free criminal world!

Known as a pocket version of GTA, Los Angeles Crimes is loved by a large number of gamers on mobile. Now, you can enjoy the open world and freestyle action without the need for a powerful device. This game also has a lot of interesting modes and is fully integrated with interactive features such as chat, mic, like, and video recording… So, your role-playing experience here is not much different from when playing GTA. In addition, the game also has many new and creative points, promising to attract your curiosity. Your tasks in the game are also very diverse. But actually, you can play your way without any quests or rules.


Explore dozens of unique quests

If you are a new player and don’t know where to start, simply follow the quest progression that the game suggests for you. Depending on the mode, the game mission system has many differences, providing a variety of gameplay. Specifically, the game has typical modes such as racing, soccer, life, and death with teammates, survival with zombies, and more. As a result, you will have the opportunity to experiment with dozens of different activities from sports betting to racing, looting, gunfights with criminals, and killing zombies… If you play with teammates, you can Communicate with allies to deploy strategies. Use chat or mic to interact.

For each mission, the game does not outline a specific process and makes you follow it. You can absolutely play it your way. In the big open world, you can move anywhere by walking or driving a car, motorbike, or even a helicopter. Moreover, you have the right to interact with other characters in many ways, befriending or confronting them with guns and bombs. Therefore, you yourself will create your own wars and can become the most notorious criminal. Make an effort to score “kills” or bonuses with the weapons and equipment you have. Don’t hesitate to use the money to shop and unlock more to improve your fighting ability.


The intuitive and flexible control interface

To bring the most realistic and comfortable role-playing feeling to players, Los Angeles Crimes is carefully designed in the console. The interface of the game will change depending on the situation and your actions. For example, when you shoot a gun, there will be icons such as aiming, shooting, reloading, and running appear on the screen. Of course, you can control the character to move around the map with the familiar joystick. In addition, if you drive, you need to master operations such as navigating with left and right arrows, using the accelerator, brake, and some other features like horn, fast car lights, and more.

As such, everything is built neatly and intuitively, making it easy to reach and act on. Furthermore, the game offers both the first and third perspectives. Therefore, you can alternate between viewing angles to try a new immersive feeling. The map of the game also changes flexibly depending on the angle of rotation. It highlights the beauty of the realistic and epic 3D open world. You will have the opportunity to visit many places from wide streets to basements, garages, football fields, and more.


3D open world, realistic images

Similar to GTA, this game owns a game context built on 3D graphics. As a result, it delivers realistic images from tall buildings to streets, flashy racing cars, and more. Your every movement in the game is very smooth. Actions such as shooting, driving, running, and jumping… give a realistic feel. Furthermore, the effects and sounds from each action are well described, highlighting the epic gunfights between criminals.


It can be seen that Los Angeles Crimes is not inferior to role-playing games of the same genre. Explore it to immerse yourself in hours of immersive free-to-play action. There are no limits to your world size, street rules, or abilities. Play hard and strive to be the most formidable criminal in this massive open world.

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