Loop Dungeon: Idle RPG 1.50.52041518 MOD Damage Multiplier, God Mode APK
Loop Dungeon: Idle RPG MOD APK 1.50.52041518

Loop Dungeon: Idle RPG 1.50.52041518 MOD Damage Multiplier, God Mode APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Loop Dungeon: Idle RPG
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher MagicFind
Size 197MB
Latest Version 1.50.52041518
MOD Damage Multiplier, God Mode
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Embark on a dark dungeon adventure of Loop Dungeon: Idle RPG. You will become a leader of heroes. Recruit them to form a team, then deploy your squad strategy. Compete head-to-head with terrifying monsters in dark dungeons. The goal is to defeat them all to win. From there, complete the assigned tasks and continue the journey of discovering mysteries. This game is part of the role-playing category of developer MagicFind. Combining engaging action and RPG gameplay. With many outstanding features that will be experienced after joining. Enjoy unique graphics with a combination of vivid combat effects. The same sound quality is reproduced in intense battles.

Introduce about Loop Dungeon: Idle RPG – Recruit Adventure Heroes in the Dungeon!

Based on the content of the game Loop Dungeon: Idle RPG in LMHAPKSS. Unleash a challenging dungeon adventure. Accordingly, you will have to recruit heroes and arrange their positions. Deploy strategies to create a powerful team of heroes. Then lead them into battles against monsters and demons in the dungeon. Here, after recruiting heroes to deploy the squad. Before starting the match, the system will display the squares. Use touch and move gestures to change their position. Depending on each attribute, as well as the abilities of each hero. It is necessary to research carefully to arrange the appropriate position, which can bring better results when fighting takes place.Loop Dungeon- Idle RPG MOD

The gameplay takes place during combat

The process of the battle in the game Loop Dungeon: Idle RPG. The team of heroes led by you and the enemy forces will rush into a fierce attack on the arena. At that time, it will be impossible to intervene, you can only observe and monitor the situation. During combat, heroes will automatically use skills. Combine with equipped weapons to fight enemies. From there, causing damage, the target depletes their health to cause them to be destroyed. The battle lasted until one of the two factions was completely destroyed. To be able to win and finish the match. Force the hero team to wipe out the enemies. At the same time, you will receive gold coins, which will drop randomly after each enemy is defeated to collect.Game Loop Dungeon- Idle RPG MOD

Fight many enemies and bosses

Through the journey of exploring the dark dungeon at Loop Dungeon: Idle RPG. Will face many different enemies. They are monsters, demons, goblins,… and more. These include zombie dogs, zombie knights, and more. Each enemy possesses different attack abilities. Their strength is expressed through damage, health, and stamina. But it doesn’t stop there, go through the matches to a certain stage. At this point, you will have to face the monster boss. With superior strength, and also large size. Will make it difficult for heroes to destroy. You will even have to admit defeat if you are defeated by the boss.Loop Dungeon- Idle RPG MOD APK

Much different equipments

Win matches of Loop Dungeon: Idle RPG. You will have a chance to receive gold coins. Along with that is equipment to use for heroes. To increase combat power so the hero can fight more fearsome enemies when going deeper into the dungeon. Here, equipment is divided into 6 different types. Includes weapons, armor, helmets, gloves, rings, and shoes. Each type has many choices for you to collect and use. The difference between equipment is expressed through individual attribute indicators. For example, armor increases stamina, rings increase health. Or weapons possess attack stats and critical damage rates.Introduce about Loop Dungeon- Idle RPG MOD

There are many different heroes in the game Loop Dungeon: Idle RPG. Accordingly, you can recruit to build a team according to your own strategy. Each hero possesses different fighting abilities and has his own style. For example, warriors, magicians, knights, archers, priests, summoners,… and many more. Accordingly, it is necessary to carefully study each person’s strength to fight better. For example, archers shoot arrows with high physical damage potential, but have limited stamina. Or warriors use swords and knives to attack directly at close range. The abilities of each hero are also evaluated through indicators. Includes attack, defense, health, dexterity, intelligence, and vitality.

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