Little Singham 5.12.786 MOD Lots of Money APK
Little Singham MOD APK 5.12.786

Little Singham 5.12.786 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name Little Singham
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Zapak
Size 124MB
Latest Version 5.12.786
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Action
Price FREE

Let’s download Little Singham and join the new action adventure. This is an endless run game (endless run APK just like Subway Surfers but has many new features of its own. It will take you on the endless journey of a police hero. His mission is to chase and destroy the formidable demon that is plotting to destroy the small town. Give him a hand with your skill and agility. You can jump, windsurf, fly, drive and do many other things. You should use all the skills and boosters you get to gain an advantage. The craziest endless chases will keep you entertained.

Little Singham – Little police hero adventure!

The story of the game revolves around the battle between Little Singham and the demon Kaal. That fight took place on racetracks with no stops. You just need to swipe on the screen to join the battle. The mechanics are identical to those of classic endless runner games. However, you will have a new feeling when running on the roads in a new context. Moreover, there will be a series of obstacles, boosters, items, and crazy challenges waiting for you. The gameplay is old, but the new things in this game will make you unable to ignore it. Let’s adventure with the tiny police hero in the pursuit of justice.


Overcome all challenges

Starting at the starting point, you must control your cop through a series of obstacles along the way to catch up with the demon Kaal. It can be cars running in the opposite direction, wooden crates, roadblocks, trains, ghost masks, gangsters, and many more. To overcome them, you have many options. Specifically, you can swipe left or right to change lanes. Or you can swipe up to jump and swipe down to slide. But please act quickly and promptly so as not to be blocked. The further you run, the higher the achievement and the bigger the reward.

Besides the obstacles, you will find many other things along the way. It can be gold coins and useful support items. Don’t skip anything that works for your journey. You need them to run faster, run easier, or make more money. Besides, you will have the opportunity to move through many different areas on the map. Streets, train stations, and more will change dynamically with your stride.


Explore the booster system and skins

The challenges in Little Singham will become more and more difficult the further you run. So collect boosters to gain an advantage. It can be a magnet – which helps you suck all the gold on your run, a bulletproof vest – which helps you resist attacks from enemies, or 2X – which helps you double your gold coins, rockets, and speed shoes – which helps run faster. There are dozens of other items that you will find along the way. If possible, don’t skip anything.

Besides boosters, the game also offers unique skins for you. Do you want to look like police, navy, air force, or miner? You should unlock the respective skins to enjoy the amazing role-playing adventure. But to unlock skins, you need to accumulate bonuses and experience points. In addition, the game has unique vehicles that help you run in many styles. It includes skateboards, bikes, police cars, jetpacks, and more. Your adventure will become more interesting with new vehicles.


More maps unlocked

Want to refresh your run even more? You can unlock new maps to do that. This game offers many maps with detailed designs to explore. It can be a map of streets in a bustling town, train tracks, mysterious caves, dark tunnels… Each map will give you a new feeling. Because it brings new designs, colors, and obstacles to your journey. Therefore, prepare yourself for crazy chases on many different tracks.


Enjoy the fun running

This game will delight you with its fun visual design. It brings fantasy cartoon images but very close. In particular, your police character looks both funny and cool. Meanwhile, the demon image is animated to become closer to every player. The obstacles on the running track are also very diverse. Moreover, you will feel the smoothness in each character’s movements. There seems to be no lag between swipes on the screen.

Join Little Singham now if you love the endless running genre on your phone. It will take you on a new journey with a series of challenges and attractive rewards. Run your way and become the fastest cop in town. Your goal is to catch up with your enemies, hunt for the most bonuses and unlock a variety of unique skins. Don’t hesitate to do these in your experience. You only need to download the game once and can play it anytime and anywhere.

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