Little Krishna 4.4.342 MOD Lots of Money APK
Little Krishna MOD APK 4.4.342

Little Krishna 4.4.342 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Little Krishna
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Zapak
Size 95MB
Latest Version 4.4.342
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Action
Price FREE

Follow the story of the game Little Krishna to accompany the character Little Krishna. Embark on an adventure that takes place in a side-scrolling game. The goal is to chase the girl Putana on the long roads of Vrindavan. From there bring her to justice for the evil deeds done. Accordingly, you will have to overcome many challenges along the way. With a series of dangerous obstacles and traps. Need to dodge to avoid collision and keep moving forward. At the same time, many different tasks must be performed specifically given by the system. This game is played in offline mode. It can be played for free to enjoy the interesting content that the game brings. But be aware that some items in the shop will have to be unlocked.

Download Little Krishna MOD APK – Endless Adventure on the Roads of Vrindavan

The gameplay takes place in an endless running style. Through the plot of the game participate in exciting adventures. On the chase, Putana will be divided into 3 lanes. According to the mechanics of the game to perform the task. You will have to touch and swipe up, down, left, and right to navigate the character. Aim to avoid the obstacles on the way to keep moving forward. Since then, the score has been continuously increasing. The adventure lasts until the character Little Krishna collides with an obstacle on the road. Then the race will end and the achievement will be based on the points achieved. As well as specific tasks given by the system.Little Krishna

Lots of specific missions

A series of different tasks to perform in the adventure scene. For example, ending a journey between 500 meters and 800 meters. Reach 1000 achievement points and use magnets once to collect coins. There are many other tasks that will be unlocked by the system in turn after completing each challenge. At the same time, the conditions given in the next missions will have increased difficulty. For example, the minimum distance needed to run will be larger than before. Request to collect enough gold coins with a specific amount. Or get a higher achievement score than before. What’s more, is to collect rare feathers.

Through the completed missions after finishing the races. From there will receive more attractive rewards. It’s gold coins or valuable items. Along with the amount of gold collected during the run. They will then accumulate a large amount to use in trading activities in the game’s store.Game Little Krishna

Collect gold coins and letters

The process of the Putana chase at Little Krishna. Along the routes on Vrindavan will appear gold coins. Try to collect as much as you can accumulate, helping you unlock many new items. Sometimes there is even a chance to collect letters. When matching enough to make a meaningful word, you will receive valuable rewards. Or if you’re lucky, you can even pick up a treasure chest. After finishing the journey, opening the chest not only has the opportunity to receive a large number of gold coins. You can also get valuable equipment to customize your character.Tai Little Krishna

Use items

In addition, there are many support items. Includes male cham, defensive shield, and bird wings. They appear randomly in several locations on the track. Each type of item will bring a special ability of its own. For example, magnets can attract all gold coins on the way. The defensive shield will create a layer of armor, protecting itself against collisions from obstacles. Besides, the bird’s wings will help the character fly into the sky. There won’t be any obstacles to avoid. At the same time, it is possible to collect a large number of gold coins. However, it should be noted about support items, because each type is limited in time to use.

Avoid many obstacles

During the adventure, you will have to dodge a lot of different obstacles. For example, sorcerers use magic. Aggressive bulls, angry elephants and hot lava flows. Or the big rock blocking the road, the stone pillars in the cellar, and the oxen pulling the cart. There are many other obstacles to face. Follow your adventure distance and time. Their appearance will become denser as they go further.Download Little Krishna

At Little Krishna there are 3 different characters for you to discover. Consists of Krishna, Warrior Krishna, and Radha. Each character is shaped in the Indian style, expressed through costumes and appearance. Accordingly, when starting out, they will play the role of the character Krishna. After collecting enough feathers with a specific number. From there can unlock new characters to continue the journey. At the same time, each character can change their appearance, through different equipment. Includes hat, shirt, shoes, pants, belt, bracelet, and arm guards.

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