Like A Dino 2.6 MOD Unlocked Dinosaurs APK
Like A Dino MOD APK 2.6

Like A Dino 2.6 MOD Unlocked Dinosaurs APK

Written by Hai Nam (17 hours ago)
Name Like A Dino
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher super_toki
Size 41MB
Latest Version 2.6
MOD Unlimited Currency, Unlocked Dinosaurs
Category Mucsic
Price FREE

Enjoy your leisure time through the game Like A Dino. This is a music game, to be experienced in offline mode. Immediately after downloading mobile can start the game. No internet connection is required, no competition with anyone. Every challenge that takes place in the game offers interesting gameplay. Furthermore, your goal simply surpasses your own achievements previously achieved. Here, inspired by prehistoric long-necked dinosaurs. But the publisher designed it in a cartoon style. The content revolves around the love of a long-necked dinosaur in search of the true love of his life. Through the activity of collecting neck parts to increase the height size.

Introduce about Like A Dino – Long Neck Dinosaur Control Music Game!

The gameplay of Like A Dino is quite simple. But to overcome the challenge, achieving excellent results will not be easy at all. Based on the music game genre is built. You will control a long-necked dinosaur. Move to collect neck pieces to increase height. Through each level, ancient pieces will appear and fall from the top. With many segments of different sizes. Need to control the dinosaur to move accurately. Collect to accumulate ancient parts, which will become higher. On the contrary, it is not possible to quickly collect large numbers of falling necks. Only a small one, if unfortunately missed, will also cause you to lose. This means the game will end and you will have to play from the beginning.Like A Dino

Simple control system

During the mission to control the dinosaur collects his neck parts. The control system of Like A Dino is designed quite simply. It’s not too complicated, it doesn’t even require a tutorial. Because as soon as you join, you can familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics. Here, a horizontal line is displayed in the bottom corner of the screen. The dinosaur’s head will protrude. You just need to touch, and swipe left and right to control the movement. From there it is possible to collect neck pieces to increase the size. Overall, the control system is very simple. But to not miss any part of the neck is a completely different concept. Because the falling speed will increase faster and faster. Makes you have to constantly control to catch up.Game Like A Dino

Difficulty increases over time requires skill

The early stages of Like A Dino take place at a slow pace. Ancient pieces can be easily collected. But as time goes on, the rate of falls will increase. Faced with a large number of fast-falling necks from above. Will make it very difficult for you to collect enough. To do that requires flexibility. Incorporating agile observation for fall location detection. And reflexes to quickly handle situations. Control the dinosaur to move accurately and quickly. Try not to miss any part of the neck to increase the height size. At the same time achieve great scores with excellent achievements. From there will receive attractive rewards. Those are gold coins, the amount of money received will correspond to your achievement score.Introduce about Like A Dino

The number of points corresponding to the bonus

It is a game of the musical genre. Through activities to collect the dinosaur’s neck in Like A Dino. You will create vibrant and attractive music. At the same time, the number of achievement points will correspond to the collected stock. Based on the number of shares accumulated. From there, the score will constantly increase higher. Here, the game does not limit the destination. That means you can get the highest score possible. After a stage is over, due to missing part of the neck cannot be collected. Based on the number of points gained in that process. Will receive the corresponding amount of gold coins. Moreover, it is possible to surpass one’s own achievements in previous challenges. You will get a large amount of money to accumulate.Ear Like A Dino

Over time experience the game Like A Dino. Play through the music levels to collect ancient pieces. You will accumulate a large number of gold coins. Can be used to perform trading operations. Unlock many different colored giraffes. For example green dinosaurs, and pink dinosaurs. Besides, pass each challenge in turn to complete the required condition. You will be unlocked by the system to add new tasks. Not only will the difficulty increase, but will bring more fun.

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