Legends of Heropolis  2.2.6 MOD Lots of Money/Points/Stamina APK
Legends of Heropolis MOD APK 2.2.6

Legends of Heropolis  2.2.6 MOD Lots of Money/Points/Stamina APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Legends of Heropolis
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
Size 35MB
Latest Version 2.2.6
MOD Unlimited Money/Points/Stamina
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Legends of Heropolis brings you into a new story of action and adventure with heroes of justice. The game context takes place in the town of Heropolis, which is being destroyed by evil forces. You will work as a leader to gather heroes into the battle to protect the town. At the same time, you can also be a great architect and businessman, keeping the task of building and upgrading the town. Let’s build useful buildings to restore facilities and promote economic development again. As a result, you can attract new heroes to fight the increasingly fierce destruction of the enemy. Don’t let hope be extinguished while you still have your breath and even a little money in hand. Everything can be rebuilt from scratch.

Download Legends of Heropolis MOD APK – Build and defend the town of heroes

In a town ravaged by Evilcorp, brave heroes are summoned back to defend the town and fend off the forces of evil. That’s why you’re here in Legends of Heropolis. Your mission is to restore the ruined town and protect justice. But there is no need to learn superior skills or strategies. Your job is to click and click more to build, fight and upgrade. Besides the idle gameplay, this game will also impress you with its classic design style. It will remind you of fond memories of old pixel games with playful background music and funny movements.


Restore everything from the ruins

At the beginning of the game, you can design your narrator character. Specifically, you can choose the hero’s name, gender, and class, and can choose from several available skin styles. After that, you will be transported into the town of Heropolis in the ruined landscape after the attack of the evil forces. You’ll be guided to restore things from there, starting with building some of the pre-existing small structures. In the shop section, you will find unique constructions ranging from houses and factories to shops, hospitals, parks, and more. Your job is to choose suitable buildings and place them at certain points on the map of the town. Every time you build a new building, you will attract new residents and heroes.

Buildings also have the function of generating profits and boosting the economy. As a result, you will have more money to unlock more buildings, especially rebuilding attacked important buildings and roads connecting traffic. You can also add vehicles to create a crowded town like before. New heroes to the town also gradually became residents here and made an important contribution to the construction and defense of the town. Over time, you need to upgrade buildings to speed up production and business and generate more profits. As a result, you will witness the tremendous growth of the town after the devastating incident.


Participate in idle wars

Parallel to the process of building a town in Legends of Heropolis, you need to protect it from attacks. Evil forces always find the town and wreak havoc on everything in their path, in order to eliminate this town again and forever. So if you don’t want to build in vain, prepare your forces to fight. You need to gather the most powerful heroes into battle against enemies with idle turn-based mechanics. During the battle, you just need to click “Attack” to control the heroes to attack. Until the enemy’s HP reaches 0, you will return to town with victory and bounty.

But the enemies are getting stronger and stronger, that’s why you need to upgrade non-stop. Upgrading heroes is the most important, helping to improve their 4 important stats including HP, damage, defense, and popularity. Besides, you can also add to each hero’s unique costumes, accessories, and equipment. But every item in this game requires money to unlock. Therefore, along with the hero upgrade, you need to upgrade the buildings and roads in the town to generate more money over time.


Classic and fun pixel design

The game makes a strong impression with the typical 8-bit graphic style that caused a fever in the game market a long time ago. It highlights the classic beauty of the town with its buildings, roads, residents, and more. You can also see superheroes in funny and petite appearances. They have unique skill effects that make up the appeal of every fight in the game. At the same time, the vibrant music also makes gamers excited to play for a long time.

So, don’t hesitate to download Legends of Heropolis to your phone and immerse yourself in the experience of role-playing, building, and fighting. Join the superheroes to rebuild the town, develop the economy and fight against the enemy forces once again. The game’s idle gameplay mechanics and fun pixel design will keep you hooked.

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