Last Pirate 1.13.11 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money gems, free craft, one hit kill, god mode APK
Last Pirate MOD APK 1.13.11

Last Pirate 1.13.11 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money gems, free craft, one hit kill, god mode APK

By Hai Nam April 17, 2024 (2 days ago)
Name Last Pirate
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher RetroStyle Games UA
Size 197MB
Latest Version 1.13.11
MOD Menu, Unlimited money gems, free craft, one hit kill, god mode
Category Adventure
Price FREE

Become a pirate in the game Last Pirate. Start a new life on a small island in the open sea. Find ways to survive in the face of difficult challenges. Face fearsome enemies, aiming to take your life. At the same time will have to fight to protect themselves. Search and collect resources, and food to maintain life. This is an adventure-style content-built game. A combination of survival and pirates. The gameplay follows an interesting storyline. Along with a lot of tasks to perform. To adapt to life on the island. To increase the experience, help you enjoy the most authentic way. The publisher has used vivid 3D graphics.

Download Last Pirate MOD APK – Adapting to Harsh Environmental Conditions on Mysterious Island

The story of Last Pirate revolves around a pirate. Previously, he was the captain of a pirate crew. Under the barricade included many crew members. However, at one time was on an adventure at sea. A storm came suddenly, causing the ship to sink. Many crews had to drown in the quiet deep sea. The captain was lucky to survive that terrifying storm. Adrift on an island of unknown location. Surrounded by a deep blue sea. Join the game, you will play the role of a pirate captain. Start a new life on the island as a nomad. Find ways to survive harsh environmental conditions. Fight fearsome enemies, aiming to take your life.Last Pirate Survival Island Adventure

Gather resources, search for food

Life on the island of Last Pirate is extremely harsh. A series of activities take place that needs to be done. Collect natural resources like wood, and stone. By using tools to cut trees, and break rocks. Or through searching for the remains of sunken ships. If you are lucky, you will collect weapons and equipment. Besides gathering resources. You need to find food. By attacking the animals that appear on the island. For example, chickens, wild boars, or mammals. After killing them will collect food. Can be used to restore health when the character is about to run out of energy. However, care must be taken during hunting. Depending on the animal, they may run away or will attack to fight you.Game Last Pirate Survival Island Adventure

Crafting tools and weapons

Lots of different tools and weapons for you to use during your island survival. Some of the tools included in Last Pirate can be mentioned. Typical examples are rock hammers, tree-cutting axes, hunting spears, and fishing rods. Or you can build a stove to keep warm when night falls. Besides, there are also many types of combat weapons. Includes knife, sword, spear, bow, and gun. You can even use the bones of animals to make weapons. There are many other unique weapons waiting for you to discover. To own them, you need to craft them. By using the collected resource types. From there it is possible to craft the desired weapons and tools. However, to create high-value equipment. You need to use rare resources and materials.Download Last Pirate Survival Island Adventure

Face the enemies

During the survival on the island at Last Pirate. You need to quickly adapt to the environment. Sometimes will have to fight with deadly enemies. Those are scary zombies, and sea monsters like Godzilla, and Kraken. They can appear at any time in your survival life. For example, while hunting in the forest on the island. Or fishing on a raft in the ocean. The enemy will rush to attack, to take life. Faced with that onslaught, you have no choice but to fight. Because even if you run away, you will be chased by them. Use weapons on hand, and combine skills flexibly. Quickly kill them to protect yourself. Go on an island adventure to be able to survive.Tai Last Pirate Survival Island Adventure

MOD APK Feature of Last Pirate

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money and gems
  • free craft
  • one hit kill
  • god mode

Survival skills directly determine your life on the island in Last Pirate. In addition to applying survival, knowledge learned to collect resources. Or create weapons and tools to serve life. You also have to combine combat skills. Through the control system of the game. Move intelligently, and attack flexibly with two hands. Incorporate jumping or running as needed. At the same time, use weapons and tools suitable for each activity taking place. From there it can adapt to environmental conditions. As well as against the fearsome enemies on the island.

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