Kuma Sushi Bar 1.5.13 MOD Lots of Money, Remove Ads APK
Kuma Sushi Bar MOD APK 1.5.13

Kuma Sushi Bar 1.5.13 MOD Lots of Money, Remove Ads APK

By Hai Nam April 12, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Kuma Sushi Bar
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher HyperBeard
Size 92MB
Latest Version 1.5.13
MOD Unlimited Money, No Ads
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Kuma Sushi Bar is an excellent game for those who love sushi. This game will make you the manager of an animal sushi shop – where the animals are the chefs, employees, repairmen, and more. You need to assign them to decorate, cook and upgrade the restaurant. Besides, you can cook yourself like a chef and make your customers happy with delicious food. Sushi is the main dish on the restaurant’s menu. But sushi can be served at the table or on a conveyor belt just like in Japan. Design and manage this place your way!

Introduce about Kuma Sushi Bar – Build and manage a sushi restaurant!

When joining Kuma Sushi Bar, you will play as the bear Kumaki and take over the sushi restaurant from the family. Since then, you and this bear have built and managed the restaurant to make it the most crowded place. There are a variety of tasks for you every day from repairing and decorating the shop to serving customers, cooking, and upgrading, … But these tasks do not make you tired. Pictures of adorable animals in the restaurant will make you happy all day.


Repair and decorate the restaurant

In the first phase, the restaurant was just a small old sushi shop. You need to repair the broken places and clean up the place. At the same time, for the restaurant to go into operation immediately, you need to learn how to cook a few simple dishes. It can be round or triangular rice rolls – famous sushi dishes in Japan. Your salon will have the first few customers, and you will make a profit. Use this money wisely to continuously repair and upgrade the restaurant.

Besides the repair, you can buy some decorative items. This game offers hundreds of things in the store such as the genie cat, bonsai, lamp, carpet, doll, phone booth, ceramic vase, and more. All of them have the old Japanese style and are extremely cute. You have the right to buy any item, then place them anywhere in the restaurant. Mix everything up to create a Japanese style for your sushi shop.


Assign work to animal staff

Want a more leisurely restaurant manager job? Then you will need the hard-working staff in Kuma Sushi Bar. The staff system here includes super funny animals. Although they are quite quirky, they are full of enthusiasm so they can help with many things. For example, you can hire a strong bear to repair broken furniture, a small bear to cook in the kitchen, a fox or rabbit to serve as a waitress, etc.

Each animal has its own unique talents, and you need to find a way to harness its potential. Moreover, you can unlock many new friends as you level up. The more characters, the more crowded and idle the sushi restaurant is. The game also allows you to customize the animals in your own way. You can decorate them with paint, pants, tops, skirts, accessories, and many other items. What do you want the bears to look like, cute or super cool? Feel free to design and customize to have your favorite bear staff.


Expand the restaurant even more

There are no limits in this game. Therefore, you have the right to upgrade everything non-stop. Over time, you will turn a small sushi shop into a crowded restaurant. Broken places are restored to health and decorated with beautiful decorations. Moreover, you can unlock new areas in the restaurant. What do you think about a sushi conveyor belt? Don’t forget to design the dining room and hire more staff.

Meet funny guests

Each character in this game has its own role. Besides the staff in the restaurant, you also meet hundreds of funny guests. It can be mice, bears, cats, foxes, rabbits, hedgehogs, and more. Each guest will have their own needs in terms of food and decoration style. You should listen to them more to satisfy customers. In particular, you can share your feelings with employees to hear stories from them.


Gentle, lovely image style

This game will make many gamers fall in love with its lovely and gentle style. Everything is animal-style but close and colorful. Animals with funny looks will bring joy to the restaurant. Moreover, the relaxing background music melodies will help your mind relax every time you play.

What are you waiting for? Now it’s time to download the Kuma Sushi Bar and enjoy the fun of sushi restaurants. What will you do to upgrade and develop this animal restaurant? There are dozens of daily quests waiting for you and other interesting friends. Assign the right animal staff to manage the restaurant, serve the diners and make a profit.

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